Renee Zellweger Weds Country Star Kenny Chesney

Renee Zellweger Weds Country Star Kenny Chesney

Renee Zellweger of Bridget Jones fame and country music crooner Kenny Chesney were married Monday in a quiet and intimate ceremony on the Caribbean island of St. John where Chesney currently lives. The newlyweds met last January when they both participated in a tsunami relief benefit concert. Zellweger was taking pledges by telephone while Chesney was performing.

The music industry magazine, Country Weekly once reported that 37 year-old Chesney had declared Zellweger, 36 his favourite actress after seeing her in the 1996 Tom Cruise movie, ‘Jerry Maguire’. Her performance in that movie inspired the country singer to write his hit song, ‘You Had Me From Hello’.

This is a first marriage for both.

Let’s hope this works out, lest he be forced to write the follow-up, “Show Me the Money.”

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  1. Whitney Cobb says:

    Im Kinda glad to hear that kenny and renee got married. I was mad at first cause I wanted to marry him. I set in my room all night just yelling back and fourth to my parents they got married on my favorit Island St.John. I was so mad you dont even understand but im over it now at least I can go to kennys concerts and watch her movies.

  2. Kari Jones says:

    i am kinda upset that they got married, bc i wanted to marry him! I mean i am happy that they are happy but it makes me unhappy. i guess i will only have to dream about being with kenny.

  3. Jennifer Parker says:

    Hopefully, this marriage will be a happy and life-long. Both stars are both extremely talented and deserve to be happy. However, if it doesn’t work out…give me a call Kenny! I’ll be glad to mend your broken heart.