RES IPSA LOQUITUR: In additon to being the name of Rita’s blog, it aptly applies to the current anti-war demonstrations. No commentary is required; the thing speaks for itself:

In U.S. cities, tens of thousands of anti-war demonstrators also took to the streets. Marchers stretched three miles down Broadway in New York City, chanting “No Blood for Oil.” Unofficial estimates put the crowd at 150,000 to 250,000. “It’s the wrong war at the wrong time in the wrong place,” said New York City schoolteacher David Gurowsky.

* * *

A peaceful rally of 30,000 people in the Swiss capital Berne also turned ugly when hundreds of masked protesters from the anarchist Black Block broke police barricades, hurled stones and bottles at police and burned the U.S. flag. Police used water cannon to disperse them.

* * *

Some 10,000 Palestinians in Gaza marched through the streets holding pictures of the Iraqi president. “We are with you Saddam Hussein and the people of Iraq,” they chanted.

* * *

An unprecedented demonstration of 20,000 was held in Finland, including families with baby strollers. “I wanted to show my kid you can really do something about this kind of thing,” said Finnish copyist Taija Malinen, 45, out with her eight-year-old son. “Without U.N. approval this is a crime. And (George W.) Bush should be sued about this.”

Man, commentating is hard work.

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