Robert Wexler Enjoys Cocaine and Prostitutes (Video)

Florida Congressman Robert Wexler went on “The Colbert Report” to explain why he enjoys cocaine and prostitutes, preferably at the same time. Here’s the video:

Steven Taylor wonders, “These guys do know who Colbert is, don’t they?” Apparently, politicians have a strange blind spot about these things. Many of them, for example, will say completely idiotic things on the Don Imus show that they would never say to a regular journalist.

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James Joyner
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  1. Mario Mirarchi says:

    And they wonder why Congress has low approval ratings?

  2. Scott_T says:

    I missed it, was he a (D) or (R)?


  3. Alex Knapp says:

    You know, watching this thing, it looks like he enjoyed being on the show and had a good time, but then had second thoughts in retrospect.