Romney Raises $14.2 Million In Third Quarter

The Romney campaign is reporting that they raised $14.2 million in the last fundraising quarter:

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney raised $14.2 million in the third fundraising quarter, bringing his total amount raised for his 2012 presidential race to $32 million. Mark Wilson GETTY IMAGES Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney greets guests before a debate in Orlando, Florida.

“We are proud of the $32 million we have raised for the campaign so far. This is just the start of the effort to help fuel Mitt Romney’s message that will defeat President Obama next November,” said Spencer Zwick, Romney’s national finance director.

Romney ended September with $14.65 million in the bank. He has raised only primary money and has yet to make any personal donations to the campaign. In 2008, Romney gave more than $40 million to his presidential bid.

Still waiting to hear from other candidates, most notably Herman Cain who likely had a far less impressive fundraising quarter.

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  1. Tlaloc says:

    of course, for Mitt, contributions just means he doesn’t have to hit the ATM on the way home.