Romney Spent $300 on Makeup Consulting

Prior to the May 3rd Presidential Debate, it appears that Mitt Romney spent $300 on “makeup consulting.”

Well, “communications consulting” is how presidential candidate Mitt Romney recorded $300 in payments to a California company that describes itself as “a mobile beauty team for hair, makeup and men’s grooming and spa services.”

Romney spokesman Kevin Madden confirmed that the payments — actually two separate $150 charges — were for makeup, though he said the former Massachusetts governor had only one session with Hidden Beauty of West Hills, Calif. That was before the May 3 Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., co-sponsored by MSNBC and The Politico.

No doubt the extra money was spent to ensure that his makeup was waterproof, so as to avoid absorbing the water he was swimming in:

In all seriousness, this really isn’t any kind of ridiculous expense–television is essential for politics these days, and on TV, appearance matters.

Still, it’s pretty funny.

(link via Oliver Willis)

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  1. Psycheout says:

    Why, oh, why Mittens? You’re so cute just the way you are. You don’t have to compete with Johnny Edwards’ hair.

  2. just me says:

    Well I have a friend that does make-up for television and movies, and that price is actually pretty typical of the industry (actually it is on the low side), and with television at least, the lighting requires fairly specialized make-up application.

    Although not sure why you would call it make-up consulting.

  3. yetanotherjohn says:

    In Nixon just had spent the $30 (inflation adjusted) on make up in the 1960 debate against Kennedy, what would the result have been?

  4. Beldar says:

    The only interest I have in this story is that it leads me to question his larger political judgment. With the prominence of the Edwards bad PR, and given that Romney is self-financing so much of his campaign anyway, why choose to run this expense through the campaign (meaning it will be reported)?

    Just pay the guys out of your pocket, Mitt, in cash. That’s what cash is for.

    It’s small potatoes, but it’s an area on which he should have seen himself to be vulnerable.

  5. Beldar says:

    Oh, and if you watch the video, pay attention to the mood-ring color shifting.