Ron Paul Lost, Let Me Count the Ways

Jim Henley assesses the complete and utter failure that was the Ron Paul campaign for the Republican presidential nomination:

Ron Paul Lost

Paul failed to win any states, to move the GOP debate in his direction, to accrue significant delegates or to leverage his fund-raising into a third-party run. And word is he’s staying quiet about endorsing an independent because he doesn’t want the Congressional GOP leadership to strip him of committee assignments come the fall. Paul accomplished the one thing he’s always been good at: using political appeals to get people to send money. I don’t feel freer.

But other than that, he did a super job. Revolution!

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James Joyner
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  1. Beldar says:

    His supporters who spammed my blog comments did a fine job of making me hate them, and I certainly liked him no better for their actions.

  2. Spoker says:

    Why is it that loosing gracefully after a valiant effort has become such a dead art?

  3. William R says:

    Ron Paul didn’t win, but he did expose why the GOP is losing. All anyone has to do is read this five year old article to know why the GOP is losing

    The GOPs NeoCon problem

    They have hijacked the GOP and turned it into a big government welfare warfare party. The cautious foreign policy of Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan and the first Bush has been thrown out the window for preemtive endless war. The American people have had enough. And this website is run by a lightweight.