Ron Paul Supported by Racist Western Men

Who supports Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency? White supremacists and men from the West Coast, apparently.

Thomas Edsall reports,

Through no fault of his own, Rep. Ron Paul’s anti-globalist, anti-government campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has become a magnet in neo-Nazi networks, pulling in activists and supporters from the fringe white nationalist community where anti-Semitism, anti-black and anti-immigrant views are commonplace.

In some cases, these internet-based activists acknowledge that even though the Paul campaign does not have a racist or anti-Semitic agenda, it can serve as a vehicle to find sympathizers and to recruit new loyalists drawn to the Republican congressman’s opposition to international trade agreements, federal police authority and to the income tax.

Such web-based organizations as Stormfront (motto: “White Pride, World Wide”), Vanguard News Network (“No Jews. Just Right.”) and the Nationalist Coalition (“working to create the relationships that will lay the foundation for the White community that is necessary to our survival”) have become sources of support for Paul’s bid for the Republican nomination, and in some cases have set up separate Ron Paul discussion groups.

As Edsall’s wording constantly emphasizes, this is essentially happenstance. It’s natural, to be sure, that white supremacists, which see the federal government as their chief nemesis, would support the most anti-federal government candidate. The only odd thing here is that anti-immigrant groups would support Paul, since stopping immigration, illegal or otherwise, could only be accomplished through the exercise of federal power.

Still, as Jeff Commaroto points out, this is the down side of a decentralized Web strategy. “That might seem like a great idea at first but when messages are not vetted by an official source, it is only a matter of time before some people rise up and exploit them.” Josh Levy agrees, seeing this as “an inevitable outgrowth of giving control of your message to your supporters.”

Meanwhile, Patrick Ruffini has done some analysis of Ron Paul’s donors — using information provided by Paul’s online effort — and finds that they are overwhelmingly (83 percent) male and come predominantly from the West and Northeast.

Ron Paul Donor Map This really is a Western movement, with some of the Northeast thrown in. Basically, these are the places where you would expect libertarians to be strong. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a data set this good about the state-by-state strength of libertarianism. And the data gets more reliable every day .

The Paul movement is weakest in the Deep South and the Ohio River Valley. Ohio (and surprisingly New York) are Paul’s weakest big states.

The differences are also fairly dramatic. One is 4 times more likely to be a Ron Paul donor in Nevada than in Mississippi. And more than twice as likely in blue Washington state than in blue New York. Alaska and Hawaii, which are not on the map, would also be colored the darkest shade of red.

I’m not sure what to make of that but it’s interesting. Essentially, Paul’s support is strongest in states that tend not to vote Republican. Does that mean that a theoretical nominee Paul would win in a landslide (after all, one doesn’t expect the South to vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama if Paul is the alternative)? Or are the numbers just too small to matter?

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James Joyner
About James Joyner
James Joyner is Professor of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. John425 says:

    Add white racists to his natural constituency, the Flat Earth Society, and you have a potent candidacy! LOL!

  2. yetanotherjohn says:

    I think Ron’s biggest chance to play a decisive role in the ’08 election would be as a third party candidate. If you look at the map (which by the way as a map of donors may not reflect voter strength at all), I would be most worried as a republican about the mountain western states (e.g Colorado), Virginia, Tennessee and Florida. All of these could be swing states where taking 5% of the ‘republican’ voters could tip the state to the democrats and thus the election.

  3. FZappa says:

    Guilt by association, how Soviet.

    The Ron Paul Revolution is coming, stand aside! And it’s based on love of all humanity. If you and Tom Edsall haven’t figured that out, then spend some more quality Google time.

  4. Brett says:

    Wow, look at the smear campaign in action…

    I agree with the previous comment: “Guilt by association, how Soviet” (totalitarian)

    Looks like the liberal collectivists and neo con war mongers are BOTH scared by the prairie fire that is Ron Paul’s message of freedom and peace.

  5. James Yates says:

    Nice troll attempt, but I don’t think anyone will succumb to the fear. This guy doesn’t have a single black mark against him. If this is your best attempt to smear his name pfftt!!!

  6. 4Freedom says:

    I know nothing about Mr. Joyner so wouldn’t speak for him but my interpretation is that he is merely pointing out something that has been pointed out before. There ARE supremicist groups who are very vocal Ron Paul supporters. I do think Mr. Joyner should do a bit more research before stating this as if it were a new fact and also he might want to check and see if Ron Paul has ever addressed this issue. If he did so he would know that Ron Paul has stated that he is not affiliated with alot of groups that have chosen to support him but that they have as much right to pick him as any other candidate. He emphatically has stated that his views are contrary to some of these groups. Maybe, Mr Joyner just needs to do more thorough researching before reporting?

    Guys, I will say I’m an avid Ron Paul supporter but let’s try not to go on the attack every time someone writes something like this. Just make a point cordially please or you’ll end up hurting the campaign. My opinion of course.

  7. chris says:

    i knew this kind of crap would start! as soon as he made legitimate millions proving his phone poll-defying popularity, the tards that stand to lose the most, start throwing a fit (posting ignorant pieces on Ron Paul). those who have done their research know that he is the only chance our country has of surviving!

    “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” Samuel Adams

  8. NH says:

    Wow…you wanna see what racists and communists support Hillary, Obama and Richardson? This is not news.

    Everyone is allowed to vote in this country whether you like them or not.

    And yes if the RINOs don’t nominate someone who everyone can vote for, they will hand us Hillary on a platter.

  9. Mark Jaquith says:

    The only odd thing here is that anti-immigrant groups would support Paul

    Especially with Tancredo hanging around.

    And commenters — chill. Re-read this:

    this is essentially happenstance

    James didn’t imply guilt by association.

  10. Boyd says:

    Once again, mention Paul and the wild-eyed, rabid Paulites descend and attempt to obliterate any anti-Paul sentiment, even if they have to construct a strawman to do it.

    That tactic doesn’t work so well among a crowd of folks who actually think, such as here at OTB.

  11. David says:

    Wow, another Ron Paul hit piece. How quaint.
    That’s it, you forced me to vote for him just because business as usual in this country is making me sick to my stomach. ANYTHING is better that what we have at this point. I want my dignity back as an American.

  12. The fact is that candidates attract a variety of supporters. Just look at the Republican candidates that got the most donations from some key industries:

    John McCain: Lobbyists, Bankers, Hollywood
    Rudy Giuliani: Casinos, Lawyers, Oil & Gas, Tobacco
    Mitt Romney: Insurance, Pharmaceutical

    And the candidate that received the most donations from our soldiers: Ron Paul.

  13. Glen SLC, UT says:

    Let’s be sure that the government isnt infiltrating and propagandizing as a smear tactic that bald headed white guys with lots of guns are in support of him as a candidate. The problem with Ron Paul is he has intregrity (unlike Hillary), has a straight forward voting record (unlike romney)and has no ugly past (unlike guiliani). It is hard to smear the guy so what they do is come up with who supports him is a smear itself. Well, everyone who is tired of the status quo in DC and how it is ruining America is supporting Dr. Paul once they here how sound minded and aware of the true issues we face in this country. Find the whacks who want change and display them. Funny thing is, they are but a minute fraction of those supporting Paul.

  14. Dale says:

    Nice try, attempting to force feed us your pro-war candidates instead of Ron Paul. Methinks Rudy is the wild-eyed one.

  15. R says:

    Who supports Ron Paul? Anyone who supports liberty and freedom. Whether or not some crazy white supremacist happens to like him has no bearing on Ron Paul’s positions.

  16. Kevin B says:

    Some people are so ignorant. Ron Paul is probably the only hope this country has in the upcoming decades of maintaining an economy that can compete in a global market without inflating the debt even further. PAUL 08

  17. Steve says:

    Wow you people never cease to amaze me.

    All i have to say is, if this is the best you can do to discredit Ron Paul you people are in BIG TROUBLE.

    I have been a democrat all my life and changed my party to Republican just so i can vote for Ron Paul in the primary.

    RON PAUL 2008

  18. If non-thinking leftists are afraid of something, such as a candidate who speaks of freedom from government slavery, they trot out their tired old “righteousness” arguments, like “racism.”

    But such an overused and abused argument works like the boy who cried “Wolf!” too many times. They are arguments that provide no substance and don’t get listened to after a while. In politics, they make the user look downright mean. Of course leftists ARE downright mean, but in the old days they disguised their true nature better.

  19. koby says:

    What, not getting any internet traffic???

    its no coincidence that the attack articles started after the Michigan debate. I was one of the over 2000 people who had the honor of listening to Dr. Paul speak at U of M, the liberal capital of Michigan, and surprisingly, i didnt see a single white supremacist in the crowd. All i saw were people who want their freedom back…lets call them Constitutional Supremacists, since those of you non-thinkers who attack him only understand labels.

    keep the attacks coming…youre going to lose anyway!!!

  20. Brent says:

    Hrm… that’s funny. I’m not racist, nor from the north, nor do I know any racist who supports Ron Paul (or any racist for that matter).

    People see he is getting support, and now the bashing begins. I know you might not think this, but many readers will begin to think “Racist supporters? He must be racist!” Sigh sigh. I would like to see more candidates be asked, “Why are you getting support from Racist?”, “Are you gonna go 3rd party?”, etc etc. But no, just Paul.

  21. Fritz says:

    Who does the NAACP and United Negro College fund support?

  22. john says:

    now they are trying with the racist theme,even if you called ron paul slave owner,child killer etc…..he will ALWAYS be the most honest of the bunch!

  23. Darren D says:

    Boyd writes,

    “Once again, mention Paul and the wild-eyed, rabid Paulites descend and attempt to obliterate any anti-Paul sentiment, even if they have to construct a strawman to do it.

    That tactic doesn’t work so well among a crowd of folks who actually think, such as here at OTB.”

    Great job defending an idiotic piece aimed at painting Dr. Paul as a racist. What is your definition of a strawman? Be careful though, because when you make up stuff us “rabid, wide-eyed Paulites” will be here with little things we like to call FACTS to descend and obliterate your inaccurate anti-Paul sentiment.

    I can’t believe people who ‘actually think’ would try and defend this.

    That .001% of supporters is from an undesirable group does not make it newsworthy…unless you are scared.

    Dr. Paul, welcome to the Front Runner status.

  24. Jason says:

    What a complete load of crap you have there. So apparently the deep South(were Paul is weakest in contributions)has very few hate groups. Wow talk about pulling stuff out of your a$$.

    Is this your day job? No, then just quit this site is embarrassing to look at and read. Stop trying you suck at this. Go home a pet your dogs better use of your time.

  25. Kevin Houston says:

    The problem with Ruffini’s donor map is that it is a PER CAPITA dataset. So of course, a state like Montana is going to show up strongly.

    Also, for a candidate who is supposedly the darling of racists, Ron Paul didn’t get much money from Idaho.

  26. Bob says:

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    — Mahatma Gandhi

  27. Patrick says:

    Thanks for spreading the Ron Paul smear article. Absolutely classless…! The truth is out there.

  28. JT says:
  29. Oback Baram says:

    Those who don’t like Ron Paul’s message can always vote for Barack Oabama. He is a member of the black church and defender of the values of the black community. This is not racist. This is allowed. Black dating sites are also allowed, same as black race based organizations.

  30. Mike says:


    Looks like an article that was paid for by the Giuliani or Romney campaign to me. They’re scared of Ron Paul and you know what? They should be.

    Go RON PAUL!!!!

  31. AMERICAN says:


    …RON PAUL…does NOT support…white power groups.(your biased article)
    …Ron Paul is merely saying that our 1st…Admendment protests free speech….
    hey james…

  32. AMERICAN says:

    ***sp….RON PAUL protects FREE SPEECH!!!

  33. Dave Schuler says:

    James, you really need to attract a better class of bots.

  34. JL says:

    this slander needs to stop. people are scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to discredit ron paul with, and it keeps failing. now it’s just making them look like miserable liars.

  35. Charles says:


    Its interesting how Paul doesn’t have much support in the South. Does that mean the South isn’t rascist? This author sure likes to stretch the facts heh?

  36. Tom S says:

    Why in the world would you care WTF a white or black whatever thinks when it comes to casting YOUR vote?

    Go to the website …. watch… think…. then make a decision. Screw the racists. This guy at least stands behind his story and I not only respect that fact, I just sent him money. Never did that for a candidate in my life. Ever.

    Ron Paul is the most genuine person to every run for office in my lifetime.

  37. Rich says:

    Laughable article. Kinda sad as well.

    I agree that if this is the best “negative” you can get…well, you get the point.

    If it wasn’t for this site coming up under my search for news regarding Dr. Ron Paul, I would have never come here. I do not plan on coming back either, unless you again post idiotic ramblings attempting to defile a great man’s reputation and I will voice my opinion.

    This site appears to be what I like to consider “Scrollover Country”.

    Hope you are happy with the amazing traffic this site is getting based on its use of Dr. Ron Paul’s name in the article.

    Yours Truly,


    Next stop? Florida’s Primary voting booth!

  38. E Philipp says:

    I understand that all kinds of people can support a candidate, however that is a whole lot different from what this story implies. Don’t you think that the title, “Ron Paul supported by racist western men” is just a little bit misleading??? I am NOT RACIST, NOT WESTERN, and NOT a MAN, I DO, however SUPPORT Ron Paul. It also occurs to me that he does have more support coming from the States where he has been more active–ie. the early primary States, like Nevada. Gee, that is kind of a no-brainer… But this is a miserable excuse for journalism–pure propaganda, mud-slinging. Especially when you know that it is misleading, why lead off with, “Who supports Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency? White supremacists and men from the West Coast, apparently.”and then buried further on in the article have the disclaimer, “this is essentially happenstance.” How about honest reporting instead of yellow-press.

  39. Nathaniel says:

    “An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who intentionally posts controversial or contrary messages in an on-line community such as an on-line discussion forum with the intention of baiting users into an argumentative response.”

    I’d like to assume that this is a case of someone trolling. Otherwise this is just a regular article with an inflammatory (read idiotic) title and first sentence. Perhaps the site is in need of traffic. I’m sure it will get plenty. I can’t wait to cast my vote for Ron Paul in the Primary and hope for the sake of the country I can do the same in the general election.

  40. Larry says:

    South Carolina is also Ron Paul Country!

    Soon, the world will know it!

  41. PC says:

    James Joyner, thanks for the support. Every time someone insults people who only care about this country and try to call what is probably the most diverse base, Ron Paul’s supporters, racist you just give them more determination to beat you. Not only have I seen diversity in superficial demographics, but more importantly diversity of opinion. You do know that you can be progressive and a federalist at the same time, that just means that you have to be less arrogant and not try to impose your will on the other 49 states. Ron has Dems, Independants, Conservatives, Libertarians, and people who gave up on politics altogether. We have diversity of opinion on our side, that is why your stale bastions of groupthink can only come up with these tired attempts to attack.

  42. Fred McRomney says:

    Ok, as an earlier poster has pointed out, this website is more than likely, “scrollover country” trying to attract readership. Many previous posters have succinctly echoed the strength of the good doctor’s positions.

    However, who is this James Joyner? “James has been Managing Editor of the Atlantic Council of The United States since September 2007. He worked two years as a management analyst at Lanmark Technology, Inc., a Washington, D.C. area defense contractor, as a consultant to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) in Falls Church, Virginia.”

    Obviously, Mr. Joyner has a vested interest in the trillion dollar defense industry and would greatly be affected by Dr. Paul’s ideas on unnecessary foreign entanglements. Enough said!!! Consider the source.

  43. Golden says:

    You know. Im a white supremecist and your right I love Ron Paul. Not because he wants to phase out the fed. Get us out of Iraq. Realizes the problem with running a currancy off debt. Nope, i support Ron Paul because im a rascist. According to you almost the whole country is rascist. California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Nevade, Alabama, Loisianna, Georgia, South Carolina, Arizona…..lets jst say new hamshire is rascist too since they gave alot of money…New hamshire the state that actually listens to what the candidates are saying right now!!hmmmm…..Joe Lieberman supported by Jewish Zionist….you see the logic.

  44. Tony-- San Diego says:

    Silent attack by Association- Nice Work

    Thomas Edsall is well known in the media, and as a writer and expert in the area of Washington politics he knows all to well what he is doing in this article. By carefully attaching Ron Paul to some slimy dirt, he hopes that the dummy readers will think poorly of Ron Paul. It may work for some, but the genie is already out of the bottle Mr. Edsall. Ron Paul is the only true and honest candidate who will protect America’s freedoms. Take the time, (as you are obviously a smart fellow ), to review Ron Paul. If you are making a killing on the current system via military stocks, oil shares, etc, sell them, as you will be refreshed to live in a country full freedom, and not tyranny. You could be the next Dan Rather, think about that Mr. Esdall. When we take away other’s freedom, no one is safe. Ron Paul is the only hope for the American Republic.

  45. Davy Rockett says:

    Were gonna win, were gonna win.

    I just love how the Revolution has these guys scrambling for anything to try and put down Paul.

    I’ve seen many ethnic backgrounds in the revolution and it feels good.
    It feels good to know I’m a part of a movement where all involved are united in the most important aspect of it all. Liberty for all and Liberty from big unconstitutional government.

    I can’t wait to see this Revival of America.

  46. Andy D. says:

    Thomas Edsall is a total racist. Only racists concentrate on race. Hence Edsall is the true racist here. Fishing for statistics that focus on race because you don’t like a candidate. Wow. How low can you go?

  47. Tess says:

    Ron Paul is not a racist, he believes every American should have the same opportunities, whether they are White, Black, Brown, Yellow or whatever. The writer here needs to do additional research, he/she will soon find out that they are wrong about Dr. Paul. I personally am so fed up with the big government we have I can’t stand it.
    Ron Paul’s Revolution has begin whether he is President or not. It’s about Liberty and Freedom. We hard working Americans are tired of funding un-needed programs for lazy Americans that depend on our government and our tax dollars, we are tired of supporting illegals aliens, but most of all we are tired of big government with their over spending, taxation, and unnecessary Empire building. Ron Paul is the answer, and he has my vote. I am an American citizen, a minority and I work hard but I do not believe that I should have to pay to support lazy people any more with my tax dollars through government funding, nor do I believe our nation should continue to go in debt. I am tired of it.

    Tess, California

  48. DONT TREAD ON ME says:

    So now they are labelling all Western Men Racist? Here we go again trying to classify anyone who doesn’t agree with the establishment.

    I’ve got new for you beltway boys… Everyone likes RON PAUL from all walks of life; and most of us that live out west aren’t racist.

    Stop the name calling and VOTE FOR RON PAUL 2008!

  49. treg says:

    I think, to be fair, an article should talk about other crazies following Hillary, Obama, Romney and Giuliani. I am sure the eco-nuts, the eco-terrorists and the animals have Rights crowd could be found over on the Democratic side. I am sure that cross dressers and the BOMB BOMB nuke-the-Muslims crowd will be with Giuliani,McCain,Thompson, & Romney. What is the point of such an article anyway? We liberal libertarians & Conservative libertarians all wince when Giuliani says a President is sworn in to “Protect this country” not the Constitution. We wince Romney says he must consult lawyers to learn what the War Powers act means in the Constitution. We wince when a Presidental Candidate thinks that keeping nukes “on the table” with Iran will benefit the defense of this country. We wince when Americans do believe that the Constituion gives them rights, rather than restricts the Federal Government from taking our natural rights. We wince when Liberals and Conservatives say they cannot ALSO be libertarian Constitutionalists. Libertarians are historically, after all, Classical Liberals in the Jeffersonian tradition.

  50. The supporters of Ron Paul are not even close to those of Fred Thompson. Check out:

  51. sunshinysmile says:

    I am not a racist/white supremacist, and I am not a white person, but I am a Ron Paul supporter in the South.

    @ Fritz…please stop pretending like organizations like the NAACP or the UNCF were created in a vacuum. Remember the White Citizens Councils? Remember poll taxes and tests, grandfather clauses? Remember government sanctioned descrimination, violence, and theft against non-white people? Remember “seperate but equal?” How can there be non-whites on a jury when non-whites were not considered citizens and were barred from registering to vote? So, then who –if not the NAACP–was supposed to assist with legal cases regarding non-white people? And how many non-white people were allowed into law school and allowed to pass the bar exam in each state? Why are photos required to take the bar exam in many states? Do you even know what the Dred-Scott decision said about the rights of non-white people in America?

    You know about those scholarships for children of college alums? If non-white people are not allowed to matriculate in a college, what color are those scholarship recipients? Is that not a United White College Fund without the official title? And why do you care where private citizens donate their money? How is that hurting you? Should they donate money to scholarship funds that descriminate against their children because of the color of their skin? Or is it that you don’t think non-white people should go to college?

    And if non-white women are barred from the Miss America pageant…how is it racist to have a Miss Black America pageant? Who is oppressed in that instance? And if non-white actors are rarely cast in films and plays, much less those that are nominated for awards, then why not have an awards ceremony that honors non-white actors? And if most TV shows do not include one non-white character, or networks fail to offer shows that reflect the lives and interest of non-white people, then why not create a tv network that does? Who does that oppress?

    Non-white people did not set up this racist/white supremacist system. Why would they–to cause themselves agony? So please, quit pretending that non-white people have developed a world-wide system to oppress and mistreat white people in all of the areas of life like racist/white supremacists have. White people have PLENTY of options…I don’t care how you spin it.

    That is one reason I support Ron Paul–to protect my individual liberty.

  52. “I’m not sure what to make of that but it’s interesting.”

    That’s funny, you seemed so certain when you wrote the title to this piece of journalistic garbage.

    That giant sucking sound you hear is your integrity being flushed down the commode

  53. Bill sanders says:

    This is one of the most racist and ignorant article I’ve come across. Why don’t you right an article about democrats who win chicago and detroit as being supported by leeching criminal N****rs

  54. Another poorly written hit piece.

    Newsflash: nutjobs of various flavors support all of the candidates.

    Why don’t you do a story about all of the horrible racists who support Ghouliani? Ahhh, but we know why, don’t we?

  55. Redbeard says:

    The hardcore racists I’ve heard from want Hilary to win. They want the total destruction of the United States by means of bad governance. Ron Paul will keep the union going for much longer and therefore hurt the racist agenda.

  56. From Wikipedia

    “James Joyner (born November 16, 1965) is best known as the founder and editor-in-chief of the weblog Outside The Beltway and a frequent contributor to TCS Daily (formerly Tech Central Station).

    He is a management analyst at Lanmark Technology, Inc., a Washington, D.C. area defense contractor and works at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) in Falls Church, Virginia.”

    Agreed, if this is the best propaganda a spook with a P.H.D. in Political Science and an accomplished author can come up with… Ron Paul is right, It is way past time to scrap the CIA.

  57. Jason says:

    We the people, means all Americans. Justice and liberty for all means all. THis article seems to be a lengthy INFORMAL FALLACY. Away from the issues at hand………………………:P

  58. /////ANDRE says:

    Look how far the “multicultural anti-white racists” have dragged this country down to 3rd world levels and you can see why the “Racist Western Men” are voting for change.

  59. Willis Williams says:

    Jason wrote:
    “What a complete load of crap you have there. So apparently the deep South(were Paul is weakest in contributions)has very few hate groups. Wow talk about pulling stuff out of your a$$.”

    Coming from the deep south,myself being white, my wife, black, we love Ron Paul.
    Racism down here is more of a lifestyle and misunderstanding thing, we do not have many hate groups. We just have racists.

    Ron Paul is not a racist, it is obvious that he is a man of a type of virtue that supercedes race. He believes in the rights and justice for all individuals.

  60. Butler T Reynolds says:

    Yeah, has to be western racists because the southern racists must be supporting the war hawks in one of the two parties.

    Man, if Ron Paul can get racists to vote for individual liberty — he’s freaking super man!


  61. Aye Willis,

    My black better half from Louisiana would be shocked to find out about my latent racism in regard to Ron Paul.

    Watch out for this bunch however, They are just trolling for info (they believe it to be more effective than actual research) to use against the coming revolution. This was a trial balloon and fishing expedition. They will get more sophisticated and much more hardball as support for Ron Paul is weighed and measured. They are scared shitless, outgunned and totally caught off guard. Such is the state of our military “intelligence” domestically. Any wonder why our foreign policies are FUBAR?

  62. And further… the arrogance you see on display here in regard to any honest, democratic, grassroots display of patriotism is viewed in their eyes, as a potential threat so large as to cause them to deploy their Nixonian, paranoid “counter terrorism” security apparatus. Albeit for the moment they are so convinced of their own security and insular arrogance that they’ve yet to bring out the big guns, but be prepared.

    Four to six months from now, they will attempt to paint all Ron Paul supporters as the equivalent to Al-Queda

    Mark my words.

  63. Grewgills says:

    A question for all the Paul supporters that have flooded the comments.
    What positions does Paul have, other than getting out of Iraq, that a majority of the country can get behind?

    Paul’s support will be limited by some of his more extreme positions. No DOE, EPA, FDA, etc.

  64. bill says:

    And black racist men support Obama and lesbians support Hillary – so what?

  65. Grew,

    Just google “Ron Paul”

    I don’t pretend to speak for those more educated than myself. I’m in favor of education, preserving the environment, energy independence, organic and sustainable stewardship of our environment and a host of other things. The points where Ron Paul resonates are that he is in favor of devolving these discussions and responsibilities to the individuals and localities most effected by these issues and eschewing the idea that central planners in DC can come up with “one size fits all” solutions to all of our problems.

    You might recall the furor over “unfunded mandates” emanating from the Feds back in ’94? I’ve got a problem with “mandates” from anywhere whether they be funded or not.



  66. Jason V says:

    LIES, LIES, LIES. I can’t beleive you are trying to smear RON PAUL!

    He is the only one that can stop the North American Union – WAKE UP IDIOTS, GET EDUCATED!

    RON PAUL 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. mark says:

    To my fellow Paulites:

    Calling people idiots, especially those like this author, is a bad idea. Making blanket statements that “Paul” is the only one who can “save us” makes you look illogical. Combating points the author makes with sound arguments is the only way to go. Which begs me to ask the author: Don’t you think the title of your article is intentionally inflamatory? You paint the picture that Paul’s typical supporter is a rascist western man. Your word play merely manipulates the supporting statements. Yes, Paul is supported by a few rascists.. which likely is represented by a few small groups of a hundred people out of hundreds of thousands of people. And yes Paul is supported mostly by Western Men. But to say Paul is supported by Rascist Western Men is a logical fallacy. Maybe, your article could at least be titled more accurately: Paul supported by Racists, Western Men. Or maybe it would have been much more accurate if the author would have titled this piece: Paul is supported, like every other candidate by a few rascist people, and Western Men. The author’s play on words seems to upset Paul’s supporters, and rightly so. However, when their comeback is “You idiot, he is the only who can save us,” it’s no wonder why outsiders view his supporters as apeshit nuts.

  68. keith cameron says:

    A candidate that not only supports the Constitution, but sounds as if he’s actually read it! I’ve found where my vote is going. I am sick of the political class of enemies of the Constitution that have been in charge. Clean house, vote for Ron.

  69. Kate says:

    Goodness,people will stop at nothing to smear my candidate! It is a bit ironic that as a 30 yr BLACK republican(yes,some of us can be republican) female that you would call supporters of Ron Paul “rascists”. This is a label that I have not been accused of yet, except through this blogger. I think this article is tasteless and speaks of the “true” rascist being this articles author. Ron Paul truly does speak for average american citizens and their “civil rights”. Get used to it sirs. Ron Paul in 2008!

  70. joshuabrucel says:

    Do not forget the antifascists like me who support Paul. I have had my share of fistfights with nazi skinheads and racisr hicks so don’t you judge! I am willing to wage money that the antifascists easily outnumber the racisrs. Peace!

  71. Aaron says:

    Ron Paul will put an end to our distorted view of America. Lets get back to the basics on which this country was founded. Ron Paul is not anti-government. He is pro-constitution.

  72. Alex says:

    It will be interesting to see how history remembers RP’s campaign.

    They came from the west….

  73. Michael says:

    I’m black from the North East and I support Dr. Paul.

  74. GDS says:

    In my meetup group in Miami, FL, the majority of Ron Paul supporters are hispanic, since that is the majority in Miami. I am a hispanic female. Every candidate will attract fanatics and that is fine. They have the right to vote as well and I don’t begrudge them one bit. We don’t all see eye to eye, but peace, liberty, and freedom is attractive to us all. God willing, Dr. Ron Paul will be President in 2008.

  75. Cindy says:

    What a vile and disgusting “story”.

  76. Michael Bass says:

    I think certain groups like the idea of getting the federal government out of individual rights. Many in these groups believe that civil rights laws was a violation of their individual rights… right to use your private property as you see fit – even if it’s a retail business. I have been working in new orleans for the last 2 months. A black radio host had a guest and stated that the black community had “lost something” when the government integrated the schools. The discussion was about young black males not having role models they could relate to or something. So it’s not just white people that question the benefit of at least some of these programs.