Royal Commonwealth Society of Toronto: Owns Anti-Harper Website

Bill Strong has stumbled upon a piece of political dynamite;

The registered owner of Sinclair Stevens’ new anti-Harper website is The Royal Commonwealth Society of Toronto Foundation.

The website of The Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada, Toronto Branch lists the Hon. Sinclair M. Stevens, P.C., Q.C. as its Foundation Chairman. They also list the following:

  • Patron in Canada: Her Excellency The Right Honorable Adrienne Clarkson, C.C., C.M.M., C.D. Governor General of Canada
  • Honorary Chairman: The Hon. James K. Bartleman, OOnt, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

    Given that the Governor-General and the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario are Patron and Honourary Chair, you would think that the Society would wish to avoid purely political issues.

    Reading the Society’s constitution and values pages does not give any indication that the Society would be / should be involved in partisan politics, such as the website. In fact, their purpose is plainly stated on their main page.

    Our purpose is to promote the increase and spread of knowledge respecting the peoples and countries of the Commonwealth. This is pursued by the formation of regional branches and through a variety of educational activities. RCS-Canada is affiliated with the RCS International headquarters in London, England.

    Why then is the Royal Commonwealth Society getting actively involved in Canadian politics?

  • Update
    This morning, the record has been updated to show “Freedom International Ass’n” as the site owner.

    Good thing I saved a screenshot.

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    1. dave says:

      The ‘Royal Commonwealth Society’ is engaging itself in politics because it can. Our Federales have more people to pay off, than positions left to place them in- but they can always find a space for a tosser like Sinc.

    2. No Yards says:

      Are you aware that the information included in your screenshot includes:

      1) The name of the Royal Commonwealth Society of Toronto.

      2) The address of the Freedom Internationa Association. (The RCS of Toronto actually seems to be situated in Oakville, another Toronto area community, and not Markham.)

      3) The Email of ( (sic) sm*******@ep**.net).

      4) The telephone number of Georgian Bancorp Inc.

      All of these are indeed Sinclair Stevens related companies and assoications, but it sounds to me more like the site was thrown up in a hurry, and the administrative assistant used whatever contact information was at hand at the time.

      Of course, it could all be sinister and backroom, but usually the simplest explaination is the best.

    3. Dean says:

      Funny I didn’t hear anyone squaking after it was found out a few years back that an “I Support the Iraq War” website suposedly created by Canadians for Canadians had its domain name registered in New york City, with only a small Canadian office in Calgary, it too was changed[to Calgary].

      The difference is the Pro War site was bogus and full of lies, kind of like Harper.

    4. Dean says:

      Now now James Joyner: the Registrant Contact for this site
      21816 Petworth CT
      Ashburn, VA 20147

      Why would you care seeing as this site is registered in the USA, why are you meddling in Canada’s politics? Hmmmmm? Shame.

      Then what else would you expect from a person that puts the search word “Beheadings” into their very own websites Metatags?

      Shame; and Disguting, but very telling.