Rudy and the Dreaded “R” Word

That would be “retooling” (via the LAT): Falling polls lead Giuliani to retool his campaign plans

Now, with his lead shrinking in national polls, and even in Florida, according to some measures, Giuliani is retooling.

After seeing no results from expensive TV advertising on Boston stations, whose markets include the populous southern part of New Hampshire, he has scaled back. He is spending more time in New Hampshire and waging what some call a “stealth campaign” in Iowa. He is also doing something that is potentially far more challenging for him: He is recasting his belligerent persona. Maybe, he seems to have realized, it’s not enough to be the toughest guy on the block.

It is rarely a good sign when reporters start talking about how a candidate is “retooling” and “recasting”–especially when no votes have been cast.

This piece is interesting, if anything because it contradicts a NY Sun piece from earlier in the week that suggested that Giuliani was pulling his resources out of NH to focus on Florida.

In regards to Florida, the RCP average has Giuliani only at +2, and Rasmussen actually has Huckabee up by 4 points. That’s not much of a firewall for Rudy. Even his national position is slipping, as the RCP average only has him at +1.6.

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