Rudy Giuliani in 2008

With weeks yet to go before President Bush’s second inaugural, Hugh Hewitt believes the race for the 2008 nomination is well underway, with former NYC mayor Rudolph Guiliani and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist the leading candidates. Based on some informal conversations with the National Federation of Republican Women, Hugh believes Guiliani has the inside track:

Giuliani is too “moderate” to win the GOP nod, right? Wrong, if these ladies are to be believed. Among the many praises that gushed forth: decisive, experienced, loyal to “W”–an interesting positive, that–funny and, crucially, tough enough to take on the Clintons. There were many praises for Senator Frist, and some for John McCain, but Giuliani has their hearts–already.


For Giuliani to consolidate his position with the center-right would only require some deft appearances during the coming struggles over Supreme Court nominees. If he wades into the fray to help confirm the president’s nominees, his personal views on abortion will matter far less than if he is absent from these fights. He would also find it useful to get on the side of allowing the people a vote on the defense of marriage amendment through the process of state ratification or denial of ratification to a proposed amendment.

Guiliani transformed himself into a national hero with his firm leadership after the 9/11 attacks and has won himself many points among Republican activists for his staunch support of President Bush. I’m still not sure that will be enough to win enough support among religious conservatives, though, given his views on abortion, homosexuality, and other hot button issues. If he can manage that hurdle, he would be an excellent general election candidate, perhaps even one that could carry a handful of blue states and end the recent trend of close, bitterly divisive elections.

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James Joyner
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  1. John says:

    Giuliani’s cavalier treatment of his marriage while he was mayor turns off a significant number of people who are otherwise impressed by him. Even liberal DC Republicans who don’t get very agitated over the issues you list are not well-pleased with the way he treated his wife as the mariage was breaking up.

    It’s a matter of character and morals, not his obvious competence.

  2. McGehee says:

    It’s still several weeks (how I wish that were more of an exaggeration than it is) before we have to think seriously about the next presidential election.

    If it is Giuliani, I’ll have the same feeling about it as I had about Bush 41 in 1988. Hopefully the parallel wouldn’t continue into 2012, but…

  3. Anjin-San says:

    Giuliani refused his countrys call to serve as director of homeland security during wartime. This must be some form of patriotisim that I am not familiar with…

  4. Skaje says:

    If Rudy is nominated, it will be an interesting election.

    Namely, the entire Northeast and West Coast will be in play for the Republicans…

    …and the South will be in play for the Democrats.

    Basically, anything can happen.

  5. Jason A. says:

    i saw rudy on spike tv, and the bastard was telling me to go get a checkup, it could save my life.Well, that piece of shit in the white-house took my insurance away when he took my job as soon as the asshole was elected. So since I dont have insurance, i guess all thats left for me is to die. i wouldnt piss on one of you scumbag republicans if you were on fire. I could only hope that your family was forced to stand there and watch you burn, or even better, they burn with you.

    Thanks for listening,

    Jason A.