Sarah Palin And The Blood Lust For A Photo Of Bin Laden With A Hole In His Head

The former half-term Governor of Alaska has chosen for some reason to chime in on the controversy surrounding the release of postmortem photos of Osama bin Laden:

Good lord Sarah, why don’t we just chop his head off and put it on top of the Statue of Liberty’s flame?

The blood lust that I’m seeing from some people is really quite disturbing.


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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Ignacio says:

    As a trade-off I’d propose to give her a trip to Washington DC and then to show her the photos.

  2. Brian Lehman says:

    Totally agree about the bloodlust. This is getting insane. I think some people will not be satisfied until we all have bloody Osama heads hanging over our mantles. It’s like our very own version of 1984’s Hate Week.

  3. Falze says:

    God, you’re pathetic.

  4. mantis says:

    What a ghoul.

  5. Kate says:

    More senseless commentary. James, OTB sure isn’t the place it once was.

  6. mantis says:

    In 2004 four US contractors were killed in Fallujah, torn apart and hung from a bridge. A sign was hung below as a warning: “Falluja is the cemetery for Americans.”

    Palin wants us to be just like them. Let’s not.

  7. I’m looking for something link worthy to put on OTB but the Israeli Ambassador to the US was on MSNBC this afternoon. He said that he thought Obama made the right decision and that Israel NEVER releases photos from incidents like this.

  8. jwest says:

    Once again, Palin is absolutely right.

    The fake photos are already circulating throughout the Muslim world.

    This photo and others like it are not being analyzed by your average Yemeni, simply accepted as fact. What good is it to hide the actual photo which would show that the U.S. has nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of. The argument that the real photo would offend the sensibilities of the Arab world is a bit ridiculous at this point.

  9. D3 says:

    Wow, the lady is such an idiot. Great new material for SNL though. She must not have been personally affected by the 9/11 tragedy would be my guess – so off base!! And… nothing better to talk about. (?!?) She’s pretty creepy!!!

    Would love to see a reality TV show of her and Donald Trump trying to survive on a small island. Preferably a long way away!!

  10. KaJo says:

    jwest says: Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 17:10 Once again, Palin is absolutely right.

    Your argument and Palin’s are completely specious.

    Let ONLY the fake Photoshopped photos circulate throuth the Internet, and enough sane Yemeni will actually attempt to verify if those pictures are authentic or not — a fair number of Yemeni will discover they’re not — and sanity might prevail.

    Release the authentic photos, and you open the tiger’s cage.

  11. jwest says:

    The problem is that since Obama was unqualified for the presidency, having never been in a leadership position in his life, he was totally unprepared to make what was obviously the right decision.

    As always, he dithered because of his incompetent, indecisive nature. By doing so, he creates the illusion that there is something to hide. A true leader would have immediately released the photo along with any other evidence and vowed that the same fate awaits anyone who would attack this country.

  12. Doubter says:

    I like OTB, and have added it to by roll.
    I enjoy the commonsense and sharp commentary.
    The needless and constant of Obama bashing is really off putting.

    And it make me not want to comment here, as interesting arguments are derailed by trolls who think they have a point when all they do is make the same damn one over and over and over.

    There are a number of commenters here that don’t like the president, and that’s fine, some make good strong arguments as to the policies and positions that bug them. All good.

    But this kind of stuff:
    The problem is that since Obama was unqualified for the presidency, having never been in a leadership position in his life, he was totally unprepared to make what was obviously the right decision.
    As always, he dithered because of his incompetent, indecisive nature.

    (and the is mild compared to some of the comments) is really a waste of time.

    Hey, it’s not my blog, and I certainly do not wish to sound impertinent, but is there anyway to create an ignore feature? Or something?

  13. Kylopod says:

    If Obama tied his shoelace, Sarah Palin would tweet that real Americans use velcro.

  14. Hey Norm says:

    This single tweet by Palin should all by itself disqualify her from running for president. Who is she accusing of pussy-footing. The president who had the sack to choose thecriskiest option presented to him? Seal team 6? I mean this bimbo has to have her daddy reload her rifle for her. Unbelievable.

  15. anjin-san says:

    Kate… by all means, vote with your feet.

    norm, I think you said it all… I nave nothing to add, except that I am deeply saddened by this display of politics over country. even considering the source, it’s disheartening.

  16. jwest says:


    As part of the OTB community, let me be the first to say how happy we all are that you enjoy the site and have added it to your list of regulars. Naturally, we want to make you as welcome as possible and invite your comments as we all really care what you’re thinking and why.

    It is a shame that when good people are having fun discussing for the 855th time what an idiot and how terrible a person Sarah Palin is, someone always feels the need to engage in needless Obama bashing. How anyone could not think our President is the smartest, most experienced person to ever hold the office is beyond us on the OTB welcoming committee.

    Because we want your experience here to be an enjoyable one, I am immediately turning this matter over to our complaint department, headed by Jay Tea. I’m certain he will do a Wizbang job clearing this up.

    Thank you for your input and continued readership.

  17. An Interested Party says:

    It is a shame that when good people are having fun discussing for the 855th time what an idiot and how terrible a person Sarah Palin is, someone always feels the need to engage in needless Obama bashing.

    Well, of course I’m sure Doubter understands that needless Obama bashing comes from the fact that those doing it can’t counter the arguments about what an idiot and how terrible a person Sarah Palin is…

  18. tom p says:

    Naturally, we want to make you as welcome as possible and invite your comments as we all really care what you’re thinking and why.

    Reality check: Doubter, we don’t give a rats ass what you think or why…. What is more, we hope and pray that you are as big an idiot as jwest so we have another pin-cushion toy.

    Welcome to the mud wrestling!!!!

  19. Scott O. says:

    If the fake photo isn’t satisfying enough for Sarah perhaps she knows someone who could put together a more gruesome one for her.

  20. Rick Shreiner says:

    Aw, she’s just bummed out because she didn’t get to personally shoot him from a helicopter .. ..

  21. jwest says:


    Speaking of helicopters, here’s a question the media might want to ask the Bumbler in Chief when they finish fellating him.

    Exactly how many helicopters were lost on this mission?

    If the Reuters photos are accurate, there are two helicopters shown. One has been burned and is lying in a toasted pile of rubble, the other is intact and in a nose down attitude next to a wall. Perhaps it will take a few days, but some Navy supply clerk is going to start asking if anyone has seen an extra stealth chopper lying around.

    I’m pretty sure Sarah Palin knows how to count.

  22. An Interested Party says:

    Oh my, some people seem to be suffering from a reverse stages of grief…as much as some might try, this really isn’t a repeat of Operation Eagle Claw…

  23. jwest says:

    It’s a safe bet that Sarah Palin, having leadership experience (and common sense), would have kept the intelligence information silent instead of going for the end-zone dance headline. As I wrote yesterday:

    “What sense does it make to say we found a “treasure trove” of information and computer files when it could have been more valuable to say Bin Laden’s sole computer was rigged to self destruct and that all data would be unrecoverable?”

    Don Rumsfeld must have been glued to the OTB comments section, because later that day he said in an interview:

    …” questioned why such a discovery would be publicly disclosed.
    “I thought to myself, why in the world would they be talking about that. It ought not be talked about, there ought to be..just go about their business, gather any intel you can, and leave in doubt the people out there who feel vulnerable as a result of this,”

  24. jwest says:

    Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin Says Obama Is An Inexperienced Incompetent And Palin Is Right
    (headline has been Mataconisized)

  25. jwest says:

    Before the flood begins on the helicopter comment, let me say that James has found the correct information and the photo is showing a portion of the one helicopter that crashed.

    Mea culpa.

  26. Scott O. says:

    Who can forget this memorable appearance by Don Rumsfeld on Tim Russert’s show:

  27. hey norm says:

    My last comment on this before the thread drops off the board…
    Palin is a pathological LIAR. From bridges to nowhere, to non-existent Russian trade missions, to Todd’s membership in a seccessionist organization, to progress on the alleged pipeline, to her pay cut as Mayor of Wasilla, to the polar bear report, to the very story about asking her families permission to run for VP, her lies are profligate.
    Palin is a LOSER. In spite of a large initial bump in McCains standing after announcing Palin as his running mate, she soon dragged down his numbers as the American people got to see who she really is. The number of people who thought she was unqualified to be VP jumped 9 percentage points in October of 2008 alone – not a winning trend in the month leading up to the election.
    Palin is a QUITTER. I don’t think I need to explain this.

    I don’t know about you but it seems like a someone with the resume above, who abdicated her responsibilities and abandoned her post, would STFU and not be critize what is pretty clearly the ballsiest move by any President in a long time.

  28. jwest says:


    Didn’t I see a picture of you protesting outside of the White House for the release of all the Abu Ghraib photos and Dick Cheney’s hand drawn sketch of how he wanted each prisoner stacked? (you were the third one on the right, naked with the tom-tom)

    There seemed to be less concern about Muslim sensibilities and the backlash from the Arab street back then.

  29. Rick Almeida says:

    It’s a safe bet that Sarah Palin, having leadership experience…

    Hm. President Obama was editor of the Harvard Law Review, a United States Senator, and has been President of the United States for longer than Governor Palin was Governor of Alaska.

    Do you really want to compare their resumes and “leadership experience”?

    I know, I know. Two terms as mayor of Wasilla, AK is far more “leadership experience” than six years at the highest levels of the United States government.

  30. Scott O. says:

    jwest, Are you talented with Photoshop? If so I bet you could cheer Sarah up.

  31. hey norm says:

    Oh yeah I forgot…It took the big white hunter 6 shots to take down a caribou with her daddy re-loading the rifle for her.

  32. jwest says:


    You forgot the time she said that the state jet was sold on EBay. I’m surprised she isn’t serving time for that one. And how about when that hospital gave Todd that fake job that paid $350,000 a year but then they found out they didn’t need to replace him once he left….

    Oh, sorry, that was Michelle Obama.

    But still, when the Tony Rezko guy helped Palin buy that land next to her house…

    I’ve got to check that out a little more.

  33. Hey Norm says:

    Your false equivalencies are as confused as you are.

  34. jwest says:


    “the polar bear report”?

    You’ll need to elaborate on this particular episode in the evil life of Sarah Palin. Who knows, maybe this is just the right piece of hard-hitting evidence of corruption that it takes to turn me around from Palin supporter to Obama sycophant.

    Show me on the doll exactly where she touched the polar bear.

  35. hey norm says:

    In a January ’08 op-ed in the NYT Palin opined that it was the wrong time to add polar bears to the endangered species list. She claimed that a review by state officials of scientific information from a broad range of experts found there was insufficient evidence that polar bears are in danger of becoming extinct. The truth is that when the records of the state scientists who did the review were obtained – through a federal records request — they showed that state scientists had in fact agreed that the bears were in danger.
    Don’t you have some make-believe helicopters to count?

  36. wr says:

    Hey jwest — You and your rightie pals are on the right track. You should complaining loudly and constantly that Obama is inept because some military equipment was destroyed in the raid to kill Bin Laden. We all know that under a real commander like W, no military equipment was ever injured in trying to take down Bin Laden. In fact, maybe that’s why Bush never went after him — he wanted to make sure the helicopters stayed in their pristine state. This is a winner for you, and you should seize it.

  37. jwest says:


    I’m shocked to learn this. If upon further investigation it turns out that Palin is an extinction settled science denier on top of being anti-polar bearite, I will indeed switch my allegiance to Obama.

    In the mean time, Ace has NRO’s Jim Geraghty’s take on releasing the photos:

    Concerning the mistaken helicopter count, as Mark Halperin pointed out, Obama has lied about so much of this mission so far, how could anyone know he was telling the truth about this?

  38. jwest says:


    Once again, we marvel at your reading and comprehension skills.

  39. Hey Norm says:

    My last response to your idiocy…
    In the immediate aftermath of a high risk mission recollections and descriptions are bound to be different from participant to participant. This is absolutely normal and is too be expected. If the administration made an error it was in trying to get information out to quickly to a curious nation. They should have waited for a complete after action report and then released th unclassified portions.
    If you will believe in a president born in Kenya and forged birth certificates you will believe anything.
    Mark Halperin has only slightly more credibility than yours…which is equal to the square root of zero…an imaginary number.
    Done. And done.

  40. Hey Norm says:

    My bad…square root of negative one.

  41. Koozebane says:

    Blood lust slaughtered 2,977 innocent people.

    Closure to a terrible chapter in American history and a well deserved distrust of those in power drives the demand to see evidence of OBL’s recent demise.

    In reality, people are far more complex than the simplistic conclusions put forth on this page.

    Blood lust does not drive people to demand evidence anymore than it drives them formulate ridiculously simplistic motives for their political adversaries.

  42. anjin-san says:

    I don’t think Palin is motivated by bloodlust – more likely the need to combat her rapid slide into C list celebrity irrelavence…

  43. jwest says:

    Jon Stewart seems to agree with Palin.

    “But, you know what, I’m all for healthy skepticism and even though bin Laden’s widow positively identified the body to Pakistani authorities, why wouldn’t we release the headshot of bin Laden’s head… shot?”

  44. Southern Hoosier says:

    The White House debated for days whether or not to release photos, videos and other information regarding the Abbottabad raid, and in so doing gave birth to a thousand misunderstandings. Recent history has shown that the best move is to get as much out as quickly as possible. The “9/11 Truth” movement was fed by the Bush administration’s extreme caution in releasing information regarding the Sept. 11 attacks. The world still waits to see photos from cameras the FBI confiscated at the Pentagon that morning, for example. The government should release as many photos, videos and transcripts as possible without compromising sources and methods before the biggest story of the decade spawns even more wild tales and speculation.
    JFK assassination files were sealed for 75 years and look at all the conspiracies that spawned.

  45. An Interested Party says:

    Sadly for some people, this kind of forum is the only one where Sarah Palin will be able to go head to head against the president…oh well, at least she’ll always have Facebook…