Sarah Palin To Joe Manchin: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Sarah Palin thinks that Joe Manchin should stay in office as Governor of West Virginia:

On a last-minute visit for Republican John Raese’s Senate campaign, Sarah Palin said Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin is a “nice guy” who’s better off sticking with his current gig.

“He’s such a nice governor, I think that ‘Manchin in the mansion’ just kind of fits,” Palin to the crowd at a rally for Raese, gesturing to the governor’s official home just down the riverfront street.

Sometimes, it’s just too easy.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Rita Gonzales says:

    Dear Ms. Palin,
    The Democrats are putting TEA Party Memebers as Liberals in campains hoping that they will put away votes from Rebulicans. Right now we need all the Democrats out and we can worry about Rebublicans later if they don’t keep their promise. Right now we have to consentrate on removing the Democrats who have riuined this country and you can stop this and you can help by contacting other TEA Parties. Can you not see how bad the Democrats are right now, we need your help.