This is among the more amusing of these silly quizzes that have popped up of late, as there are a lot more possible “answers” than most, drawing from a number of Sci-Fi movies and TV series, and the choices are randomly arranged. They also have links to websites with more info on the characters.

My results:

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

There are some words which I have known since I was a schoolboy. “With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.” These words were uttered by Judge Aaron Satie — as a wisdom, and warning. The first time any man’s freedom is trodden on, we’re all damaged.

(Hat tip: Jen Speaks)

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  1. John Lemon says:

    I’m “Elrond” — whoever the hell that is? Some greasy looking guy in ugly clothes. I thought it was Kevin Kostner’s character from Waterworld at first, but I don’t think it is.

    Maybe it is Elrond Hubbard. I’m clear!

  2. jen says:

    John, you need to read or rent Lord of the Rings if you don’t recognize the picture of Elrond.

    James, somehow I’m not surprised that you came out at Picard. =)

  3. John Lemon says:

    Aaaargh. I should have known it would be from Lord of the Rings. I hate Irish dancing.

  4. John Lemon says:

    Oh, wait, Mrs. Lemon just informed me that Lord of the Rings is not about Irish dancing, but some sort of book about elves and fairies. Admittedly, I tried reading “The Hobbit” at one point in time and got sooooo confused and bored that I only made it through about 1/3 of the book. The first LOTR movie bored me silly. And the whole LOTR phenomenon tends to bring up memories of the AV Club in my high school playing dungeon and dragons. Ugh.

  5. jen says:

    Wow. You’re maybe the second person I’ve encountered that doesn’t like LotR.