Scott Peterson Sentenced to Death

A California judge today sentenced Scott Peterson to die for murdering his wife and son.

ABC News: Judge Agrees on Death Penalty for Peterson (Reuters)

The California judge in the trial of Scott Peterson said on Wednesday he agreed that the former fertilizer salesman should be sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and unborn son in a case that attracted nationwide attention. Superior Court Judge Alfred Delucchi was to formally sentence Peterson on Wednesday after hearing from family members. Speaking at the start of the proceedings, Delucchi called Peterson “cruel, uncaring, heartless and callous” and said he agreed with the jury’s death penalty sentence.

One hopes another California judge doesn’t overturn this, discovering that the death penalty suddenly violates the state constitution.

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  1. Karl Maher says:

    For a little history on judges who do just that, and what Congress occasionally does about it, go to Vote for Judges.

  2. Jack Tanner says:

    Peterson got what he deserved but what makes his crime more heinous than hundreds of others? Or does he get special celebrity sentencing? Don’t get me wrong he got what he deserved. But think about this the next time some creep gets convicted and the bleeding hearts make their phony cruelty and racism claims. Are the anti-DP advocates going to protest his sentence?

  3. Pinar Bradford says:

    One question! I am not saying he did not do it, but i am oppsose to his death penalty! even if we believe he killed his wife and unbornson, there is not enough evidence to send him to death penalty! What if he really did not do it and we find out after he dies! Than how are we going to send people to life sentence and death penalty again! Look at Terri Schivo case! Can you imagine if Scott ‘s family or attorney come up with an evidence leads the case to a different scenerio! After his death!!!My opinion there is a huge difference between the guy who killed little Jessica in FL and Scott Peterson! Noone saw Peterson when he did the crime and he deines!
    Send him to life time jail!
    I think he needs a better defense attorney!