Sean Hackbarth on the Market

Sean Hackbarth is trying to get out of retail and into something that uses the skills he’s developed and demonstrated on his blog.

Some might not know I have been tapping away on The American Mind since December 1999 which makes it one of the longest-running political weblogs in the nation and Wisconsin.

My biggest strength is my ability to take all the stuff I happen to remember and synthesize, to take disparate ideas and smash them together to come up with a (hopefully) useful solution.


My job search has just begun so I am still trying to grasp what would fit my work experience and desires. Any help is welcome. I would love leads or advice to help me find a job that effective, productive, and satisfying. Moving is certainly an option. I love Southeast Wisconsin, but I am young and am willing to go where needed. I will be using a separate weblog to track my progress, letting you follow along with me. If you want a copy of my resume you can find it here or e-mail me at sean–dot–theamericanmind–dot–com.

I’ve you’ve got any tips or leads, let him know.

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