The following are my most popular search engine referrals for August thus far:

britney spears topless 99
britney spears british elle 42
kobe bryan ts accuser 32
kobe bryan accuser 18
kobe bryan rape case 15
stripperella nude 12
september issue of british elle 11
georgy russell 9
british elle spears 9
kobe bryan ts victim 8
britney topless 8
puppy blender 8
kobe bryan case 7
britney spears elle topless 7
britney spears british elle photos 7
britney spears topless photos 7
spears topless 6
britney topless elle 6
britney spears topless elle
nude twins 5
animals revenge 5
britney spears in british elle 5

I’m sensing a certain pattern here.

  • For one thing, I don’t have any britney spears topless photos. I made it perfectly clear that it was in fact Kevin who had the britney spears topless photos. Indeed, it was just a single photo.
  • As to the nude twins, that would be Kevin McGehee’s department. Or, to be technical, not his department. As has been noted throughout the blogosphere, he doesn’t have any photos of said famous television twins.
  • And, as all know, Stripperella is the specialty of Steven Taylor over at PoliBlog.
  • I’m not sure why so many people are unable to spell Bryant.
  • The name “georgy russell” rang no bell, but a quick Google search tells me it is this young lady who’s running for California governor that I mentioned in this post.
  • Now, as to the animals [sic] revenge, I can be of some help. I did indeed post that a while back.
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    1. Speak her name and they will come. Nice link to no where though 🙂

    2. McGehee says:

      Nor do I have pictures of nude googlebombs.

      Googlebomb. What a silly word.

    3. Paul says:

      That’s it James…

      Bring them in with the promise of porn and hold then enlightened discourse on policy nuances.



    4. Bryan says:

      actually, they can spell. They’re looking for me in all the wrong places.

    5. Porn has always been the killer app for technology – it’s why we use(d) VHS instead of betamax (the porn industry chose it). And who do you think is actually making money from the Internet?