InstaPundit also agrees with Friedman that “India should replace France on the Security Council.” While I find Friedman’s analysis on this instructive, it is merely rhetorical. As a policy option, it’s a non-starter. For one thing, France is easily the most popular (among the General Assembly) Permanent Member. Secondarily, once you get beyond the 1944 set-in-stone membership, you open a real Pandora’s box. Arguably, Russia should be removed, too. They’re large and have nucs, but are dirt poor and otherwise rather low on the totem pole of nations. Certainly, Germany and Japan would have to be added if India is. And a Latin American, Middle Eastern, and Sub-Saharan African rep would have to be added, too. The grand effect of which would be worse for the US. To the extent that the Security Council is still a worthwhile institution–which is debatable–this is a can of worms that needs to remain closed.

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