Seven Days Later

Chirac offers congrats to Bush (Washington Times)

Is it me, or is this a tad bit late?

Washington, DC, Nov. 9 (UPI) — French President Jacques Chirac, an intractable opponent of U.S. actions in Iraq, congratulated President George Bush Tuesday on his reelection.

President Bush is quoted as saying, “Whatever our past disagreements, we share a common enemy.”

What, Chirac is at war with the people of France too?

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  1. Anjin-San says:

    The people of France are your enemy? What did they do to you?

    Why are Bushites so upset with France? Because they have better taste then we do, don’t eat crappy junk food 6 days a week, don’t have a populatioin that is pushing a 50% obesity rate & don’t drive gas guzzling SUV’s?

    Oh yes, and they were too smart to participate in the disaster in Iraq…

  2. San: a quick question — Why do you oscilate between the “you” and the “we”? It seems a bit convenient.

  3. Anjin-San says:

    It would be unfair of me to comment about an individuals lifestyle when I know nothing about it. He has on the other hand, expressed some pretty serious hostility twoards the pople of France (and what percentage of them have any real say in the policies of the French govt)?

    So my observations about what I see as areas where French lifestyle to “ours” are general.

  4. Emmanuel says:

    Actually, Chirac has sent a telegram of congratulations to Bush last Wednesday.

    I guess yesterday was the first time they spoke on the phone since the election, but it is a tad disingenuous to imply that our Beloved President waited nearly a week to congratulate your Dear Leader.

  5. BigFire says:

    Re: Emmanuel

    Nah, M. Chirac has more important thing to attend to other than to call that loathsome ignorant cowboy, again. He need to squeeze that last couple of million euros from the not quite dead Arafat before they burried him.

  6. Rodney Dill says:

    Oh yes, and they were too smart to participate in the disaster in Iraq…

    Indeed the French had much to lose with the under the table money they were getting from Saddam.

  7. Boyd says:

    You’re really showing your disingenuousness, Mr. Pilot. As Rodney said, M. Chirac and his government were too busy defrauding the Iraqi people out of the money they earned on the sale of their oil. That’s why they refused to join us in shutting off their money supply.

    Are you really that obtuse, or are you just going over the top in order to get a rise out of people?

  8. Anjin-San says:


    Lets not forget that the vice-president made millions off of Iraq before the war & he is making additional millions during the war. Where is your outrage over that?

    Are you just being obtuse?


  9. Anjin-San says:


    How much time do you spend in France? How is it a mess? Are they bogged down in a war that looks more unwinnable every day? Do they have an out of control deficit that is financed in part by overseas banks who can put the screws to them whenever they please? Do they have millions of citizens who have trouble getting even the most basic healthcare? Have they failed to create even a single job in the last 4 years?