Sheer Genius (Zombies Meet Cylons via PoliSci Edition)

If you have any familiarity with Dan Drezner’s new book, Theories of International Politics and Zombies and/or with IR theory, you have to watch this.

Who says polisci profs have no fun at conferences? (Although there has been nothing so amusing at the conference I am currently attending).

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Steven L. Taylor
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  1. Tlaloc says:

    mostly it just drove home how “the most interesting panel” in polisci is still meaningless tripe. Seriously the whole argument sounded like a bad grad student paper where polysyllabic words are spewed out in a vain attempt to disguise the fact that the author is an idiot.

  2. @Tlaloc,

    It’s what one calls “humor.” Granted, it takes a certain background knowledge to get the joke, both in terms of IR and scifi.

    But again: humor.

  3. Tlaloc says:

    Yeah I get that but they’re also trying to make an underlying serious argument, the problem is there’s just no surrounding intellectual framework so the whole thing is just a jumbled mass of buzzwords and attempts to obfuscate.

  4. How in the world can a video of this nature be an attempt to “obfuscate” anything?

  5. Ryan Spires says:

    I had to purchase this immediately.