Shots Fired In British Columbia Trucking Strike

National Post

Eight transport trucks were shot up in a Richmond company’s yard just after midnight yesterday morning in an escalation of violence associated with the trucking strike plaguing Greater Vancouver ports.

The barrage left bullet shells scattered around the yard of Pro-West Transport and caused an estimated $150,000 damage. One driver sleeping in his truck was lucky not to be injured.

“We’re not going to be intimidated,” said company vice- president Mike Bowman. “We’re going to continue to operate. We will hire security. We will do whatever we have to do to look after our customers, and also we’ll have security to protect our employees.”

Bowman believes the gunfire was a “warning” by striking truckers angry that Pro-West has continued transporting goods after the strike started June 27.

“Will they actually shoot people?” he asked. “I don’t know.”

A number of drivers have already been the targets of phone calls threatening harm to their wives and children, Bowman said.

In the comments at SDA;

“I spoke with a unionized trucker this morning who told me the strikers are openly threatening the other drivers.

”They told us ‘we know who you are and where you live.’ They’re insane.”

Those who have disobeyed have been attacked at home, had their brake lines cut and of course been shot at.

My source’s company said they are even bringing in truckers from Ontario because they aren’t known to the strikers. Every one of the trucks entering the port has to be accompanied by security, paid for by the company.

The police are apparently hopeless to enforce the rule of law, and the politicians are AWOL. This is probably partly explained by the fact that all of the strikers happen to be Indo-Canadian, and no policeman or politician wants to get heavy-handed with a minority group, no matter how necessary it may be. (my wife is Indo-Canadian so if you think I’m being racist you can get stuffed.)
Meanwhile, small businesses like mine will continue to be hammered by the rule of the mob at our ports, and the local economy will continue to lose about $75 million of economic output with every passing week.

Four weeks and counting. Four weeks of mob rule and political paralysis.

How can this country even dare to call itself a member of the modern world?

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  1. Hercules says:

    Gun control doesn’t work too well does it?

  2. ozzippit says:

    It appears the Aussie union truckers have studied US Teamster tactics.

  3. DC Loser says:

    Aussie? I thought Americans were bad in geography but this is ridiculous.

  4. Herb says:

    Adolf Coors of Coors Brewery said:

    “Unions are a direct result of bad Management”

  5. JARED THOMAS says:

    Whys does gun control only apply to MAJORITY Canadian groups??