Should CBS Start a Blog?

Hugh Hewitt notes that,

“On page 146 of [my book] Blog, I write that “[t]he name is reserved, but by whom? For what purpose? The folks at the top of GM ought to be worried about that.”

The answer is at , and GM doesn’t have to worry. The blog is written by GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz , and debuted on January 5.


That the vice-chair of GM has opened an information loop –with everyone– is as big a billboard as possible. Has Ford noticed? Has Proctor & Gamble? Has Yum?

This got me thinking: Given the devastating effect blogs have had on its reputation, one would think CBS would start a blog of its own to get in on the information loop.

I checked and found that it is indeed taken. By something called CraZY Bird StuDiO. Probably not Moonves and the gang. But then again…. is also taken, although it appears to be a mere placeholder, as there is no content. Ditto

Presumably, CBS could afford its own site host. So far, however, I’ve been unable to unearth any sign of a CBS blog. Of course, knowing CBS, it would be a case of New Medium, Old Politics.

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