Coalition forces have made daring raids into Baghdad, killing hundreds of enemy soldiers, just to “let them know that we’re here.”

“You must inflict more wounds on this enemy and fight it and deprive it of the victories it has achieved,” he said. “You must rattle their joints and terrify them and speedily defeat them in and around Baghdad.”

But coalition commanders said, if anything, Iraqi forces seemed more and more disorganized, making possible today’s bold dash into Baghdad.

“American armored combat formations have moved through the heart of Baghdad, defeating the Iraqi troops we have encountered,” Navy Capt. Frank Thorp told reporters at the United States Central Command headquarters in Qatar.

“This was a clear statement of the ability of coalition forces to move into Baghdad at times and places of their choosing and to establish their presence really wherever they need to in the city,” Maj. Gen. Victor Renuart said at a news conference in Qatar. He declined to say whether any troops had stayed behind, but military officials who were part of the raid indicated that the entire force had exited the city, with the exception of one destroyed, and abandoned, tank.


James Joyner
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