Simian Rights In Spain

Robert Duncan, Spero News;

After changing the definition of marriage by passing same-sex “marriage” legislation last year, now the Spanish government is bent on changing the very definition of “human.”

Once again, the Spanish Socialist government is showing where its true priorities are — and it’s not about Iraq, nor immigration, and it’s certainly not about helping families.

Instead, the Socialists are in a bother about … monkeys.

Spain’s Socialists want monkeys “to be immediately included in the same category as people.” The party presented this week in Spain’s Parliament a project for simians to have “Human Rights.”


According to the Socialists, the classifying of monkeys as people would grant them “the moral and legal protection that currently only human beings have.”

They’re going to look so cute hanging above the church steps in those little white wedding dresses.

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  1. Boyd says:

    So does this mean you’re changing the name of your blog, Kate? Something like, “small dead non-homo sapiens beings” maybe?

  2. floyd says:

    boyd; it’s hanging by their arms, as monkeys are prone to do. remember roseanne roseannadanna?”never mind”