Some Call Me the Space Cowboy

One would think that a post that begins,

George Will once wrote, “Nowadays no diplomatic farce is complete without a cameo appearance by Jesse Jackson.” Truer words have never been spoken.

would send a message to all but the least intellectually endowed among us that I am, indeed, not Jesse Jackson. Nonetheless, it has now drawn five letters to my alter ego, Rev. Jackson, beseeching me for help on various problems. The latest by a California high school teacher, no less.

Let me reiterate:

Update: Mark Hasty is not Lisa. Nor did he let the dogs out.

James Joyner
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  1. mark says:

    What is sad, the name of the high school teacher, La Verne J. Baptiste, sounds like it could be the name of a potential deposed Haitian dictator. Defintely in Jesse Jackson’s arena.

    Over at OTB, James is suffering from the mother of all multiple-mistaken-identity problems. Based on this, I’m going to declare Joyner’s Corollary to Hasty’s First Axiom of Blogging: There are also certain names which a blogger is better off not…