Sony Sells Half Million Playstation Portables in 2 Days

Sony has sold over a half million PlayStation Portable (PSP) units in its first two days.

Sony sells over 500,000 PSPs in first two days

Electronics products giant Sony Corp (SNE.NYS) Thursday announced that it has sold more than 500,000 units of its PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld video game system in the first two days after the products̢۪ launch in the North American market.

Sony Computer Entertainment America said in a statement that the machine, which was launched on March 24, generated $150 million in sales during the first week. Sony had introduced the PSP in Japan late last year and followed it up with a North American launch last month. The gadget, which can also play movies, music and display digital photos, is being targeted at adults. Sony Corp hopes to regain some ground against Apple Computer Inc (AAPL), whose iPod music player has been received very well in the electronic toys market.

Unless I miss my guess, this had a little something to do with it:

Sony PSP stars in South Park episode

[The March 30th] episode of South Park stars the mobile gaming gadget as a tool sent by God to separate good souls from evil, and vanquish the forces of hell. Kenny also enters a persistent vegetative state, and a feeding tube plays a supporting role.

Talk about your product placement deals.

For an episode synopsis, see South Park – Best Friends Forever

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