Speaking of the ELN…

Here is a brief Reuters report on the recent developments in the Colombian governement’s talks with the ELN that I mentioned in a previous post:  Colombia and ELN rebels move peace talks toward ceasefire.

Pablo Beltran, leader of the ELN negotiating team in Quito, Ecuador, said the rebels would like to see a ceasefire in place before Pope Francis visits Colombia in September.

Friday’s agreement includes the creation of a team that would provide education and communication and representatives of other countries to provide support and cooperation at the negotiating table.

Beltran told reporters in Quito that the novelty of the latest cycle of talks is that “we begin discussions of a ceasefire that in addition to stopping offensive operations between the parties, brings humanitarian aid to the population.”

The next cycle begins on July 24 in Quito.

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  1. flat earth luddite says:

    Gods, but I’m disappointed in everyone. The parties in a generations-long struggle FINALLY act like grown-ups, and make a real effort for peace, and NO ONE reading this site has ANY comments. Really? How pathetic are we?

  2. flat earth luddite says:

    Sorry, Steven. Thank you for reporting on this. I just wish mainstream media, non-mainstream media, wack jobs, or anyone, would report on this. I’ve heard and seen nothing except for your reports. Thank you again.

  3. @flat earth luddite: Thanks for the note–it is true that my Colombia posts tend to attract little in the way of comments.