Stephen Colbert Outpolls Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich

It’s apparently silly season at Rasmussen, which continues to release results of absurd polling questions.

Given a choice between Colbert running as a Democrat and Republican Congressman Ron Paul, 36% of voters prefer Colbert while Paul attracts 32%. Twenty-one percent (21%) say they’d vote for some other candidate while 10% are not sure.

If the choice is between Colbert as a Republican and Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich, it’s Colbert 37%, Kucinich 32%. Nineteen percent (19%) would vote for some other candidate and 11% are not sure.

In each match-up, Colbert’s adversary attracts little more than half his partisan base. Paul attracts just 51% of GOP voters. Kucinich attracts 53% of Democrats.

So, in a race between a well known television comedian and two largely unknown politicians, the comedian wins? Who’d o’ thunk?

Steven Taylor guesses that it’s “no fun to be the real candidates who are considered joke-worthy enough themselves to be included in the poll in the first place.” But, hey, it’s publicity.

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James Joyner
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  1. says:

    Such a silly story.

  2. Abraham says:

    Ron Paul will be the next president!

    I am sure about it!

  3. Steve Plunk says:

    Why are they even doing such a poll? I fail to see any useful purpose.

  4. yetanotherjohn says:

    I think this shows that 32% of both party will vote for someone with the appropriate initial after them and a slightly larger number would vote for anyone but Paul/Kuchnich in their respective parties.

  5. Vox OReason says:

    That’s funny. I’d vote for Colbert over anyone else running (from either party) EXCEPT Paul.

  6. Vox OReason says:

    BTW, how did the rest of the field do against Colbert?

  7. Vox OReason says:

    It might also be worth noting that Colbert’s comic perona is a NeoCon, so maybe some of the Republican (and Democrat?) respondents are confused.

  8. Clayton says:

    I am quite certain Colbert would poll higher than Clinton. Why not run that poll?

  9. Meera says:

    Stephen Colbert may run a “comedy” show, but he is presidential material!! I wish he’d really run for office and channel his wit, intelligence and dynamic personality to its highest potential in a way that can render the “top-job” free of any chinks in the armor and goof-proof.

  10. Nick says:

    Just another sad attempt to slander Ron Paul. What was the size of the polling sample? 100?