Stephen Colbert Polling Ahead of Bill Richardson

Stephen Colbert has surged ahead of Bill Richardson and within a half point of Joe Biden in the latest Public Opinion Strategies poll.

He’s been “in” the race for less than a week, and already faux-pundit Stephen Colbert has surged ahead of longtime candidate Gov. Bill Richardson in one national poll gauging the race for the Democratic nod for president. And watch out Joe Biden!

The Public Opinion Strategies poll this past weekend of 1,000 likely primary voters that included Colbert’s name — as both a Democrat and Republican, as he wishes — found him drawing 2.3 percent in the Dem race nationally (though he is threatening to run only in his native South Carolina). This put his ahead of Richardson (2.1 percent), Rep. Dennis Kucininch (2.1) and, of course, Sen. Mike Gravel. And he trails Sen. Biden by just a tad (he’s at 2.7 percent). Of course he has a long way to go to catch up with the three frontrunners (you know who they are).

But Colbert fares less well among his natural constituency on the GOP side, where he draws less than one percent.

Granted that all these numbers are within the margin of sampling error, it’s still rather amusing.

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James Joyner
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  1. yetanotherjohn says:

    What is more amusing is that Richardson is the candidate who best fits the historical pattern for success at the presidential level (federal and state experience including being governor). Of course Richardson is the candidate who seems most determined to force a defeat on the US in Iraq with an immediate withdrawal, so maybe this poll represents his true fringe status from the American electorate.

  2. Mike says:

    any idiot could run New Mexico – there are like 8 people that live there – they produce nothing – they add nothing to the country- it is a miserable place – they have a great “visit N.M.” tourist propaganda machine – my wife and i went to Santa Fe and Taos – never ago – skiing Taos is like skiing in West VA – at least Santa Fe has good restuarants.