Stories I Can’t Read

My ISP problems are ongoing, although they seem to be working the issue. For whatever reason, most of the mass media sites are in parts of the Web that I still can’t access.

Two apparently interesting stories I can’t get to that I’ve found via Memorandum:

WaPo – Bush Criticizes NAACP’s Leadership

President Bush said Friday that he has a “basically nonexistent” relationship with the NAACP’s leadership and he refused for the consecutive fourth year to speak to the group’s national convention.

NYT – Iraq’s Rebellion Develops Signs of Internal Rift

Tension appears to be rising between the homegrown Iraqi resistance and the foreign Islamist fighters who have entered the country to destroy the American military here.

For those of you who are able, Go Read the Whole Thing.

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  1. Kate says:

    Have you tried a different browser? I’m not having trouble getting to any of these sites on Opera, (though I no longer was able to get in using the jamesotb cached login, and had to set up my own.)