Kevin Drum has examples of a couple of very stupid things people have said on TV lately.

Don Rumsfeld

[S]uggested that those who have been critical of the administration’s handling of the war in Iraq and its aftermath might be encouraging American foes to believe that the United States might one day walk away from the effort, as it has in past conflicts.

While this is demonstrably true–obviously, having prominent officials oppose Administration policy makes it more likely that the policy will be changed than if there were unanimity–it was a silly thing to say, since one could infer that critics should therefore shut up or that they are somehow enemies of the state. Surely, Rumsfeld doesn’t actually think either of these things.

A CNN reporter, complete with pre-prepared graphics, noted that the $87 billion President Bush requested for Iraq dwarfed the $8 billion annual expenditure on Social Security and Medicare. Trouble is, those programs actually cost $700 billion. Kevin wonders, ‘[W]as this deliberately dishonest, or merely incompetent?” I vote for the latter; there’s certainly a lot of it going around.

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James Joyner
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  1. Paul says:

    Kevin conveniently misses the fact that the critics are now so shrill that some on Capitol Hill are now calling for Rumsfeld to resign over Iraq.

    The media has picked up on it and is beating the drum.

    Now… Speaking of saying stupid things…

    We win the most one sided war in history and the Sec of Defence should resign????

    If Rummy is short with his citcis it is because they deserve it.


  2. sym says:

    Rumsfeld has a short citcis. Pass it on.

  3. Paul says:

    Sometimes the brain wins… Sometimes the fingers win. lol