Erik Kurilla Nominated as Next CENTCOM Chief

A former classmate is going to be one of the US military’s most senior leaders.

Actions have Consequences

Despite Pompeo’s assurances, we are already seeing consequences for the Suleimani killing.

Laura J. Richardson First Woman to Lead Army’s Largest Command

She’s quite likely the youngest 4-star general in the U.S. Army, if not the U.S. military.

Of Course Donald Trump Wants A Military Parade

Of course Donald Trump wants a military parade, it would be consistent with his delusions of grandeur.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Stepping Down “Under Pressure”

A surprising change at the top of the military’s civilian chain of command.

Viet Xuan Luong Becomes First Vietnamese-American General

Viet Xuan Luong pins on a brigadier general’s star today, becoming the first Vietnamese-American officer to achieve that rank.

Viewing the Sinclair Sexual Assault Case Dispassionately

My latest for The Hill, co-authored with Butch Bracknell: “Explaining the Sinclair demotion.”

No, Damn It, Army Generals Aren’t Exempt From Uniform Regulations

When will BG Jeffrey Sinclair get an effing haircut?

Police Take Over Private Home, Giving Rise To Possible Third Amendment Violation

A case from Nevada provides another example of police abuse, and a possible claim arising under the long-forgotten Third Amendment.

The Army’s Leadership Problem

Tim Kane continues his campaign against the US military’s antiquated personnel system.

American Troops Posed With Taliban Corpses

The consequences of ten years of war?

A Parade For Iraq War Vets?

As they did four years, ago the New York Giants will get a parade in New York City today. Some are wondering when Iraq War vets will get theirs.

SPC David Hickman: Last Iraq War KIA?

82nd Airborne solider David Hickman was the 4474th American serviceman killed in Iraq. He should be the last.

Air Force Finds Dead Americans Funny

Air Force personnel charged with transporting the bodies of American soldiers killed in action apparently finds dead American warriors funny.

The Incoherent Agenda Of Occupy Wall Street

Judging them by their own manifesto, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are pretty silly people.