Are Special Forces Special Enough?

US Army Special Forces are the best we have at working with far-flung villagers. Are they good enough?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg To Egypt: Don’t Use Our Constitution As A Guide

Ruth Bader Ginsburg had some advice on Constitution drafting for Egyptians

Time For The Super Bowl To Drop Roman Numerals?

Time to end a 41 year tradition?

Army Linguists: Too Few and Poorly Utilized

Why Big Army has trouble with small wars.

Ex-Spy Says Bush Administration Tried To Use CIA To Discredit Blogger

An ex-CIA agent says that someone in the Bush White House tried to use the agency to “discredit” Iraq War critic Juan Cole.

Slow News Day

Libya Update: At Least 84 Dead, Possibly Hundreds

The crackdown in Libya is turning into a massacre.

The Revolution Continues In Libya

The Gaddafi regime is facing its most serious challenge in its 41 year history.

Mubarak’s Last Act: Hiding Stolen Wealth

Knowing his downfall was imminent, the former Egyptian dictator moved vast wealth out of rich of Western governments.

Stockholm Terrorist Attack

Is the West’s string of luck about to end?

Leading Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Protester Discharged From Army

Recently Lt. Dan Choi chained himself to the White House fence to protest Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Yesterday, he found out that he’d been discharged from the Army because he’s gay.

Caption Contest Winners

Iraq the Model

Going Native