NBC Courted Jon Stewart For Meet The Press

A desperation move by NBC News?

We May Not Know Who Controls The Senate Until January

A number of factors unique to 2014 make it likely that control of the Senate could be up in the air for months after Election Day.

New Sanctions Announced Against Russia, But It’s Unclear Russia Will Care

The U.S. and Europe have announced a new round of sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis, but it’s not clear that the Russians will be motivated to change course.

Former NSA Chief Cashing in Big as Cyber Security Consultant

Retired General Keith Alexander is hawking his services to banks at princely sums.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Voter ID Law

A legal setback for Voter ID laws in Wisconsin.

Chase Closing Porn Star’s Bank Accounts

Chase is closing accounts because it doesn’t like the career their customers have chosen.

‘Like’ A Brand Online And Lose The Right To Sue

Interactions between consumers and businesses online are starting to have an impact on the legal system.

House Conservatives Plotting Against Boehner Again?

Once again, the Tea Party wing of the GOP is talking about taking out John Boehner.

New York Times: Time To Grant Clemency to Edward Snowden

The “paper of record” joins the call for some kind of deal with Edward Snowden.

Deal On Iranian Nuclear Program Falls Apart, And That’s Mostly Not A Good Thing

Thanks largely to France, this weekend’s efforts to reach an interim deal on Iran’s nuclear program fell apart.

First Quarter GDP Final Revision Puts Growth Below 2.0%

First Quarter economic growth was weaker than originally estimated. What that means for the future is unclear.

Obama: If You Trust Congress, Trust the NSA

In what may be the worst sales pitch in history, President Obama says, “”If people don’t trust the executive branch, and also congress and the judicial branch, then we’re going to have some problems here.”

North Korea’s Bluster: How Should We Respond?

So what, exactly, is going on in North Korea? And how should we respond to Kim’s bluster?

Reflections on the Panama Canal

The Canal made a number of impressions.

Chris Christie Is Looking Unbeatable

Chris Christie looks unstoppable in his bid for re-election

Green Eyeshade War

Will a disagreement over accounting rules increase the bad feelings between China and the U. S.?

More Republicans Moving Away From Norquist Tax Pledge

More signs of cracks in the wall of GOP resistance to tax increases.

DOJ Records Show Massive Increase In Warrantless Surveillance Since 2009

Secret surveillance of American citizens has dramatically increased under the Obama Administration.

Acknowledging and Understanding Government

The GOP (and our politics in general) will not be healed until there is an honest assessment of what government is (and is not).

How America Dominates the World: Manipulations, Sex, and Money

Chamake Mauriene reveals America’s secret to world domination in Pravda.

Signs Of Trouble In The Chinese Economy

Signs are brewing that the Chinese economy is slowing down significantly.

2012: An Election About Nothing

Neither Romney nor Obama are running on policy; rather, they’re trying to persuade people the other guy would be even worse.

Socialist Canadians Wealthier Than Capitalist Americans?

“The average Canadian has quietly become richer than the average American,” claims a pro-Canada organization.

LIBOR Scandal, Bad Law, and Bad Law Enforcement

Stephen Bainbridge argues that corporate governance regulation in the wake of scandals and bubbles is almost uniformly bad.

Bankers Still Unaccountable

Four years after the financial crisis tanked the global economy, bankers still put their interests above those of their customers, even to the extent of skirting the law.

The Brave New World Of Cyber Warfare

Are the Stuxnet and Flame attacks the opening shots in a dangerous new era of secret war?

The Euro Zone: Join, Or Die

There may be only one solution to saving the Euro.

Obama’s Odd Choice for World Bank President

Jim Yong Kim is an impressive man. But he’s got no background in banking, finance, or economics.

Mitt Romney’s Bizarre Take On Obama’s Afghanistan Decision

Mitt Romney’s statements about the planned early draw down in Afghanistan make no sense whatsoever.

Romney Wins Big, Newt Loses Mean, Race Continues (But Not For Long)

Mitt Romney won big last night, Newt Gingrich was Newt Gingrich, and the race is coming to the beginning of the end.