Political Derangement Syndrome

Whenever I despair at the current state of the Republican Party, I remind myself that things aren’t much better across the aisle.

Republicans Losing the Center?

Can a candidate appealing enough to the base to win the Republican nomination beat Obama?

Warren Christopher Dead at 85

Former Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton Warren Christopher has died

Congress, The President, And War Powers Under The Constitution

Operation Odyssey Dawn has resurrected the eternal battle over what limits there are, and should be, on the President’s ability to use military force without Congressional authorization.

The Intervener’s Dilemma

There are many opportunities to go to war. Here’s a guide for choosing between them.

Warren Christopher Dead at 85

Warren Christopher, Bill Clinton’s first Secretary of State, has died at 85.

Biggest Full Moon in 18 Years Saturday

Earth’s moon will seem bigger Saturday night than it has since 1993. It’ll still be the same size as usual, however.

Obama’s Road to War

Did President Obama pull off a diplomatic masterstroke? Or is he muddling through?

Mark Sanford for President

If the Republicans need their own Bill Clinton, how about Mark Sanford?

Twitter Standard Time

The CNN Effect has given away to Twitter Standard Time.

Huckabee: Obama Not Scout or Little Leaguer

Mike Huckabee apologized for saying Barack Obama grew up in Kenya, explaining only that he meant that the president isn’t a Real American.

Federal Judge Upholds Individual Mandate By Eviscerating The Constitution

Judge Gladys Kessler upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, but she did so by essentially ruling that the Interstate Commerce Clause means whatever Congress wants it to mean.

Does President Obama Apologize For America? The Facts Say No

It’s a Republican meme that President Obama has “apologized” for America repeatedly. The one problem with the meme is that there aren’t any facts to support it.

Ronald Reagan America’s Greatest President?

In a new Gallup poll, Americans rank Ronald Reagan as America’s Greatest President.

Obama’s Propaganda Machine

The White House Press Office produces a blog, YouTube channel, Flickr photo stream, Facebook and Twitter profiles, and daily video programming.

Newt Gingrich’s Women Problem

Newt Gingrich is very popular among young conservatives. But two ugly divorces will keep him from being a contender for the presidency.


It really shouldn’t be a surprise that that Democratic Leadership Council is on its last legs.

Can We Please Stop Comparing Everyone We Disagree With To The Nazis?

Inevitably, the Nazis made an appearance during yesterday’s debate over health care reform in the House. It’s time for it to stop, or at least time for the rest of us to stop taking seriously anyone who resorts to such arguments.

Barack Obama: The Comeback Kid?

After a fairly bad 2010, Barack Obama is starting off 2011 in a very good position.

Sarah Palin Responds To The Response Over Her Response To The Arizona Shootings

Sarah Palin was “interviewed” by Sean Hannity last night. I doubt she helped herself.

Civility to Republicans’ Advantage?

Now that Republicans have the House, wouldn’t they be better off playing nice?

Tucson, Political Rhetoric, And Where We Go From Here

There is a problem with political rhetoric in this country, but telling people to be nicer to each other isn’t going to cool it down.

The Inevitable Oklahoma City/Tucson Comparisons, And Why They’re Wrong

It was, perhaps, inevitable that someone would attempt to draw a comparison between Saturday’s shootings in Arizona and the Oklahoma City bombing, but the two events really don’t have anything in common.

Minor Reshuffling of Obama’s Staff is Major News?

Why is the press gushing over routine movement in White House team?

Carol Moseley Braun Next Chicago Mayor?

Chicago’s next mayor will be either Rahm Emanuel or Carol Moseley Braun.

Obama’s Hawaiian Vacation

President Obama likes to go back to his Hawaii home town and live like a regular guy for a few days.

Most Admired Man and Woman 2010

President Obama and Hillary Clinton top Gallup’s lists of Most Admired Americans.

Caption Contest Winners

The Festivus For The Rest Of Us Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

President Obama Is Down, But Far From Out

There’s plenty of good news for Barack Obama in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Ranking the 2012 Contenders: Communications Skills

Are Marco Rubio, Haley Barbour, and Mike Huckabee the favorites to win the White House?

Americans Discontent, Nervous About Economy, And Unsure Of Republicans

A new poll shows that the American public is discontented, nervous about the economy, not entirely sure they can trust the new GOP majority in Congress, and has no idea what it wants from Washington. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Mr. Sanders Goes To Washington

Bernie Sanders took to the floor of the Senate yesterday to rail against President Obama’s tax cut deal. It was history in the making, but it’s not clear that it actually accomplished anything.

Peter Orszag and the Corruption Inherent in the System

Peter Orszag, President Obama’s first budget director, is headed to Citigroup and a multimillion dollar salary.

Triangulation: What Is It? Does It Even Exist?

Several smart center-left commentators argue that President Obama is not triangulating. At least one argues there’s no such thing.

Obama’s Sister Souljah Moment?

President Obama’s press conference yesterday, bitterly railing against Democrats in the Congress for being “purist” and “sanctimonious,” is brilliant triangulation.

Proposition 8 Has Its Day In Court In The 9th Circuit

California’s Proposition 8 faced another legal test in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday, and the day didn’t seem to go well for opponents of same-sex marriage.

Obama Less Popular Than Bush?!

According to a new Gallup poll, President Obama is not only less popular than George W. Bush, but the only president from the last half century less popular is Dick Nixon.

Presidential Candidates Never Seem Presidential

The prospective Republican field for 2012 is dismal. Then again, it always is.

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Health Care Reform Law

Another Federal Judge dismisses a Constitutional challenge to the health care reform law, and demonstrates just how unlikely it is that any of the lawsuits against the law will be successful.