Family Research Center Shooter Charged, Tony Perkins Blames FRC Critics

Entirely unsurprisingly, the shooting at the Family Research Center’s office in Washington, D.C. is already being politicized.

Conservative ‘Race War’ Meme

The people who gave us the “war on Christmas” are now touting an upsurge on black-on-white crime.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Santa’s Christmas Slay Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Occupy Wall Street: Something For Everyone

What do this people want? Can’t you read the signs?

A Great Argument For Raising Taxes From Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly makes a convincing argument for raising taxes on the wealthy.

Presidents, Generals, and War Decisions

Should President Obama do whatever General Petraeus wants in Afghanistan?

Gene Weingarten: Branding is Ruining Journalism

Gene Weingarten is not a fan of journalists building a brand.

Jon Stewart Not a Moderate!

Don’t confuse moderation in tone with moderation in beliefs.

Fox News Frankenstein

Fox News chairman Roger Ailes has come to regret the direction he took the network after the 2008 election.

Political Derangement Syndrome

Whenever I despair at the current state of the Republican Party, I remind myself that things aren’t much better across the aisle.

Glenn Beck Leaving FOX News

Glenn Beck will leave his Fox News show in December.

Wisconsin Protesters Bizarro Tea Party?

Is Jon Stewart a useful idiot?

Time To End Government Subsidies For Public Broadcasting?

The firing of Juan Williams from NPR has led many conservatives to call for an end to government subsidies. As is often the case, they’re right but for the wrong reasons.

NPR Fires Juan Williams

NPR has fired Juan Williams over controversial comments about Muslims.

Jon Stewart vs. Stephen Colbert

Jon Stewart has made the transition into the post-Bush era much more effectively than his protege, Stephen Colbert.

Ressentiment Creep

Malkin’s Chutzpah