More Nonsense About the Election

A shadowy flight into the realm of evidence that does not exist.

The Birthers Come For Kamala Harris

A new racist meme questioning Kamala Harris’s background is circulating on the Internet.

Does Tulsi Gabbard Have A “Natural Born Citizen” Problem? No, She Doesn’t

Tulsi Gabbard was born in American Samoa, an American territory whose residents are generally not American citizens from birth. However, she is nonetheless a “natural born citizen.”

Most Americans Say Race Relations Have Gotten Worse Under Trump

A new poll shows that most Americans believe that race relations have gotten worse under President Trump.

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Convicted Of Criminal Contempt Of Court

Finally, “law and order” Joe Arpaio gets what he has long deserved.

Is Nuance Still Possible in American Politics?

Damon Linker writes, “Millions of people disagree with your political views. That doesn’t make them moral monsters.”

Where Were the Sane Republicans?

Answering a question that gets a lot.

New Jersey Judge Rules Ted Cruz Is A “Natural Born Citizen”

A New Jersey judge, along with a Judge in Pennsylvania, is among the first to rule on the meaning of the ‘natural born citizen’ clause.

Donald Trump Suggests Marco Rubio May Not Be Eligible To Be President

Donald Trump is trolling the depths of the Internet’s conspiracy dungeons once again. This time to raise the largely absurd argument that Marco Rubio may not be eligible to serve as President.

Yes, Ted Cruz Is A “Natural Born Citizen”

Just in case there’s any question, yes, Ted Cruz is Constitutionally eligible to serve as President.

Tea Party Senate Candidate In Mississippi Has Ties To Neo-Confederate/Secessionist Group

Several conservative groups have jumped on the bandwagon of what appears to be a controversial Mississippi politician.

The Conservative Political Media Complex

Many conservatives are living inside of a media bubble and they’ll continue to have problems until the consciously decide to break out of it.

American Politics And The Denial Of Reality

It’s no wonder partisans can’t agree with each other when they can’t even agree what the facts are.

Romney Campaign Reportedly Planning ‘Aggressive’ Campaign Against Obama

The Romney Campaign is reportedly planning a more aggressive campaign against the President for the fall.

Romney and the Birthers

Romney declared “I believe the president was born in the United States” on national television the day after he announced his 2012 campaign.

Another Ridiculous Demand For Obama’s College Transcripts

Once again, people are demanding to see Barack Obama’s college transcripts for no good reason.

Romney Continues To Embrace Trump Despite Birtherism

Mitt Romney continues to keep Donald Trump close. It makes no sense, but it isn’t likely to matter in the end.

No, We Don’t Need To See The President’s College Transcripts (Or Romney’s Either)

Some blogger wants to pay someone to get Barack Obama’s college transcripts. It’s time for this silliness to end.

Federal Judge Forwards Racist Joke about the President to Friends, Press Eventually Gets a Copy

E-mail forward raises serious questions about judge’s judgment .

Georgia Judge: “Barack Obama Is A Natural Born Citizen”

The Birthers have suffered yet another totally predictable loss in Court.

The Birthers Go Down To Georgia

You thought the birthers went away? Silly you.

Ron Paul Doesn’t Want To Talk About His Newsletters Anymore

Ron Paul doesn’t want to talk about his newsletters now, but he was pretty talkative 15 years ago.

Ben Smith Was Right

Birtherism dies a quick death–and with it the notion that Obama’s opponents are motivated purely by race.

Al Qaeda Confirms Osama bin Laden Death

In a move sure to satisfy Deathers as much as a contemporaneous newspaper story satisfied Birthers, al Qaeda has released a statement confirming that Osama bin Laden is dead.

Dear Birthers: STFU, GBTW

A conspiracy theorist is never troubled by facts.

What Shall We Call the Next Bit? Transcripters?

The birthers are dead (kinda), so long live the transcripters!

Of Course The Birthers Aren’t Satisfied

You thought the birther insanity was over? Silly you.

Orly Taitz: Obama Birth Certificate Should Say ‘Negro’

Surprising no one, President Obama’s release of his long-form birth certificate has satisfied none of the Birthers.

Donald Trump: Republican Frontrunner? Or, Harbinger Of Republican Doom?

For the first time, Donald Trump is leading a poll for the GOP 2012 nomination. That’s bad news for the GOP.

Romney: The President Was Born in the United States

Mitt Romney forcefully said Tuesday night that he believes President Barack Obama was born in America and that “the citizenship test has been passed.”

Ann Coulter Denounces Trump, Birthers

Ann Coulter says its time for Birthers to shut up.