Matt Yglesias’ Return to His Roots

The one-time Juiceboxer is still annoying the mainstream media.

Speaking of Bad Political Analysis

A recurring genre about presidents.

Conservatives and Children’s Rights

COVID vaccine hesitancy is just the tip of the iceberg.

Is Partisanship a “What” or a “Why”?

The conversation continues. (Warning: it is over 3000 words).

Drop In Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Numbers May Not Be A Big Deal

Hillary Clinton has suffered drops in her favorability numbers lately, but that may not mean much for 2016.

The Anti-Vaccination Thing

The debate over whether kids need to be vaccinated against communicable diseases baffles me.

Institutions 101 and the Sequester

Institutional dynamics in the US constitutional system are the key to undertstanding our current predicament.

Preparing to Evaluate the Predictions

Making note of some of the predictions and such as we approach November 6th.

Hilary Rosen, Foster Freiss, And The Permanent Campaign Silly Season

Thanks to a media that focuses obsessively on irrelevancies, we now have a permanent political silly season.

Further Thoughts On The Resonance And Relevance Of The Etch-A-Sketch Meme

The Etch A Sketch meme isn’t nearly as powerful as those pushing it believe it to be.

Gas Prices Hurting Obama In The Polls, But Will It Matter In November?

Rising fuel prices are starting to hurt the President in the polls, but it’s unclear what that means for November.

Presidential Candidates Never Seem Presidential

The prospective Republican field for 2012 is dismal. Then again, it always is.

Human Brain Threat to Democracy?

The evidence that humans are irrational continues to mount. What does this mean for self-governance?

Obama the Superhero

2 Million Protestor Myth

Tax Cuts & Revenues