Obama: Big Donors and Grassroots Supporters

The Obama campaign is stressing that 98 percent of its donations were from little guys contributing $250 or less. But 40 percent of the money came from a handful of major donors.

U.S. v. John Edwards: Both Sides Are Rolling The Dice

Both sides in the John Edwards case are heading into uncharted territory.

Campaign Donation Disclosure and Incumbent Backlash

Public disclosure of campaign contributions makes it easier for incumbents to pressure backers of their opponent.

The Case Against Public Sector Unions

It’s time to end the ability of public sector labor unions to hold taxpayers hostage.

Olbermann Suspended For Refusing To Apologize, But Will He Return?

Keith Olbermann was reportedly suspended for failing to apologize for making political donations to Democratic candidates, but it really seems intended to serve to justify the illusion that MSNBC’s programming is not partisan.

Keith Olbermann’s Donations To Democrats: Much Ado About Nothing

Politico runs this morning with the shocking revelation that Keith Olbermann is a Democrat.

Joe Biden Fined $219K for Campaign Violations

Biden got hammered by the FEC for violating campaign finance rules. A big fining deal?

Murtha Earmark Scandal

Libertarians for Obama?

Caption Contest Winners