Freedom, Security, and Insurrection

The aftermath of the January 6 Capitol riots runs into the First Amendment,

A Poster Child for White Privilege

You can’t make this stuff up.

Did Q Shaman Intend to ‘Capture and Assassinate’ Government Officials?

Some of the Capitol rioters were much more dangerous than others.

Trump Impeached Once More with Feeling

The 45th President will go down in infamy, setting a record that’s unlikely to be broken.

Republican Leaders Rallying to Impeach Trump

Some key GOP figures are at least testing the waters.

Liz Cheney’s Statement on Impeachment

The #3 Republican in the House will vote to impeach.

Bill Belichick Refuses Presidential Medal of Freedom

The New England Patriots coach lived up to the team nickname.

The Insurrection May Not Be Over

There are multiple ongoing plots and reasonable fear of infiltration of security forces.

‘Stop the Steal’ Founder ‘in Hiding’

A one-time denizen of Blogger’s Row at CPAC has come a long way.

America’s Kristallnacht

“Trump is a failed leader.”

Capitol Riot Could Have Been Much Worse

The live coverage of Wednesday’s assault on American democracy underplayed its seriousness.

Trump Deserves to be Impeached, Plain and Simple

As we assess Trump’s role in all of this, it is important to think through what he did (and did not) do.

The Terrorist In The Mirror

There’s a word for people who use outrageous violence to terrorize.

Trump Banned from Twitter

Hashtag: You’re Fired.

The Choose Your Own Adventure Presidency

Trump’s lack of fealty to truth and reality gives supporters an out (if they choose it).

Why Was Capitol Security Inadequate?

A large, well-trained police force was unprepared for a foreseeable crisis.

Trump Mob Storms Capitol

The predictable, indeed inevitable, has happened.

Trump Says That He’s A “Very Stable Genius”

Donald Trump’s latest Twitter rant is one of his most bizarre.

North Korea Claims To Have Detonated Hydrogen Bomb In Nuclear Test

The North Koreans claim to have made a major advance in their nuclear weapons program, but there are many reasons to be skeptical.