Second Dallas Health Care Worker Tests Positive For Ebola

Another health care worker in Dallas is being treated for exposure to the Ebola Virus.

Forecast For Ebola In West Africa Worsens

Sobering news from the World Health Organization.

Texas Health Worker Tests Positive For Ebola, But That’s No Reason To Panic

A second case, and the first person to apparently contract Ebola on U.S. soil. But, that’s no reason to panic.

Banning Air Travel Is The Wrong Response To The Ebola Outbreak

Closing down international air travel won’t stop Ebola from becoming a bigger public health threat.

Secret Service Director Resigns

An inevitable outcome for the head of a once proud agency.

CDC Confirms First Ebola Case In The United States

For the first time, someone has been diagnosed with Ebola in the United States.

Another Secret Service Breach Put Armed Man With Criminal Record In Elevator With Obama

The security lapses at the Secret Service just continue to mount.

Why We Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Too regularly engage in “bedtime procrastination,” creating a vicious cycle.

The Anti-Vaccination Crowd Gives Us A 20 Year High In Measles Cases

Pseudoscience and hysteria have damaged public health.

Should We Destroy The Smallpox Virus, Or Save It?

The last known case of smallpox happened in 1977. Is it time to destroy the virus?

Measles Reports Hit Highest Level In Nearly 20 Years Thanks To Anti-Vaccine Movement

The anti-vaccination movement has earned a dubious achievement, the return of a disease that was effectively eradicated 15 years ago.

Airline Passengers Are Revolting

Airlines are squeezing ever-larger passengers into ever-smaller spaces. Naturally, the passengers are taking it out on the other passengers.

The F.D.A.’s Misplaced War On Trans Fats

The FDA is declaring war on trans fats. That’s a bad idea on many levels.

Boston’s Hospitals Have Done An Amazing Job

The events in Boston on Monday were tragic, but there was one shining success.

Southerners Not Fat, Just Honest

Southerners lie about their weight–but not as much as those lyin’ Yankees.

Governing Requires Compromise

There are factions of the American right that really need to understand this.

Gun Deaths To Pass Car Deaths By 2015

Firearms are set to pass the automobile as the instrument for American deaths.

Fox News Aired Live Car Chase That Ended In Suicide

Not exactly journalism.

42% of Americans Obese by 2030, Up From 35% Today

Americans are ridiculously fat and getting fatter by the nanosecond.

Autism Up 78% Since 2000!

The estimated number of U.S. autistic kids has skyrocketed by 78% since 2000, according to a report from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Franken v. Minnery Redux

On reflection, Al Franken was right.

Al Franken Distorts CDC Study to Claim Distortion of Study

Senator Al Franken called Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery a liar in yesterday’s hearing on DOMA. Franken was the one being dishonest.

Sixth Circuit Upholds Constitutionality Of Affordable Care Act

The first Appeals Court decision on the Affordable Care Act was a victory for the government.

Pedestrian Safety: Preventable Deaths?

Thousands of pedestrians are killed in America each year. Are we doing enough about it?

Sleep When You’re Dead and Get Ahead

For a small group of people—perhaps just 1% to 3% of the population—sleep is a waste of time.

Booze Math: How Much Do Alcoholics Drink?

Experts say 80% of all alcohol sales go to people with drinking problems. The mathematics of that are staggering.

Social Security and Life Spans

It’s a myth that the problem with Social Security is that people are living much longer after retirement than they used to. The reality is that a whole lot more people are living long enough to draw benefits.

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