Arming The Syrian Rebels Not Likely To Accomplish Anything

Arming the Syrian rebels may do nothing more than prolong a seemingly endless war, and pull the United States into a conflict it shouldn’t be involved in.

The American People Want To Stay Out Of Syria

A new poll shows that 62% of Americans oppose American military intervention in Syria’s civil war.

Just This Once, John McCain Is (Partly) Right

John McCain is right that we shouldn’t send ground troops to Syria, but his idea for increased U.S. intervention in the country’s civil war is still too risky.

Was Obama’s Syrian “Red Line” A Mistake?

President Obama may regret drawing a line in the sand over Syrian chemical weapons.

The Hazards of Red Lines

Has Bashar al-Assad crossed the red line drawn by President Obama? And does it matter?

Recriminations on Iraq

Revisiting an old posting of mine on the subject.

Intervening In Syria Would Be Suicidal

President Obama is keeping the conflict in Syria at arms length. That’s a good idea.

Obama Warns Syria On Chemical Weapons Use

President Obama issued a warning to Syria today over its chemical weapons stockpiles.

On Politicizing Tragedy

Once again, the usual suspects are exploiting tragedy for political purposes.

Damascus Attack Kills Key Members Of Syrian Government

Several key members of the Syrian government were killed in a suicide bomb attack today in Damascus.

The Brave New World Of Cyber Warfare

Are the Stuxnet and Flame attacks the opening shots in a dangerous new era of secret war?

The GOP’s Ridiculous Appeasement Argument

To Republicans, even thinking about engaging in diplomacy is enough to accuse the President of appeasement.

Iraq Is Backing Syria’s Dictator. Why The Heck Did We Go To War Again?

Iraq has become so dependent on Iran for its survival that it is endorsing the brutal tactics of Bashar Assad.

Was There Really An Imminent Humanitarian Crisis In Libya?

President Obama says he acted in Libya to avert an imminent genocide, but there’s no evidence that any such thing was about to occur.

A Libyan No-Fly Zone Won’t Stop Gaddafi

Establishing a no-fly zone in Libya won’t stop the Civil War, and it’s likely to draw the United States further into a conflict that it needs to stay out of.

Bad Day at the Think Tank

The Onion spoofs life at a think tank with Boy, I Really Thought Like Shit Today.”

Right and Wrong on Iraq

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?