Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hints At Deep Divisions As Supreme Court Nears End Of Term

As the Supreme Court enters the final weeks of its term, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hints at deep divisions and disappointment for people on the left.

Donald Trump v. The Federal Judiciary

President Trump’s latest attack on the Federal Judiciary prompted a rare rebuke from the Chief Justice of the United States.

John Roberts: The New Center Of The Roberts Court?

With Justice Kennedy retiring, the new center of the Roberts Court is likely to be the Chief Justice himself.

Sequestration and the 6th Amendment Right to Counsel

Chief Justice Roberts is sounding the alarm over deep cuts to the public defender program.

The Roberts Court Hasn’t Been As “Activist” As Its Critics Contend

The argument that the Roberts Court has been overly “activist” does not hold up to examination.

More Speculation On The Supreme Court Leaker

Supreme Court watchers have been speculating since Sunday night about who might have leaked confidential court information to the press.

Further Thoughts On The Roberts “Switched Vote” Story

There’s very little evidence or logic to support the attacks coming from the right against Chief Justice Roberts.

Report: Roberts Switched Positions On The Individual Mandate In May.

A new report will likely add fuel to the fire of conservative outrage over Chief Justice Roberts’ decision to uphold the PPACA.

Did Roberts Contradict Himself On The Tax Issue?

Is there a logical flaw in the way Chief Justice Roberts addressed the tax issue in his opinion? Not really.

The Roberts ObamaCare Decision: The Epitome Of Judicial Restraint

In his ruling on the ObamaCare cases, Chief Justices Roberts reached back to a judicial philosophy with roots in men like Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and Felix Frankfurter.

A Different Take On The Roberts “Switched Vote” Hypothesis

There is another explanation for the sometimes confusing nature of the dissent in the ObamaCare case.

Chief Justice Roberts Defends Kagan, Thomas Recusal Decisions On Health Care Lawsuit

The Chief Justice Of The United States defends his colleagues.

72% of Americans Can’t Pick Chief Justice Out of Lineup

Even on a ridiculously easy multiple choice quiz, Americans don’t know the name of the Chief Justice or the Senate Majority Leader. So what?