Occupy Wukan

Protesters in the Chinese fishing village of Wukan are now in open revolt against the Chinese government. The government is laying siege to the town.

Is The Chinese Economic “Threat” Overblown?

Are the worries about China overtaking the United States realistic?

Very Little Of What U.S. Consumers Spend Goes Toward Stuff Made In China

What you think you know about the U.S.-China trade relationship may not be entirely true.

China, US Debt, and Power

Joseph Nye explains why China’s “demand the United States address its structural debt problems and ensure the safety of China’s dollar assets” is really just talk.

The System Is the Cause of Systemic Failure

To save the world economy and themselves Germany and China must change course.

Should We Be More Like China?

I’m continually shocked when demonstrably bright and accomplished people fall in love with authoritarian states.

Musing About the Near Future of U. S. Security Policy

I’ve begun to wonder about the future of U. S. security policy. This isn’t a serious analytical post; it’s just what I call “musing”—committing disorganized thoughts to writing.

Charlie Sheen Symbolizes Western Decadance

An op-ed by a Hao Leifeng in China’s Global Times argues that “Actor Charlie Sheen is a classic example of the difference in Western and Eastern values and norms.”

A Crash Coming In China?

Is the Chinese economy headed for a correction?

OTB Foreign Desk

Brief takes on foreign affairs

China Ready To Bail On North Korea?

The latest Wikileaks revelations suggest that China may not be willing to protect North Korea for much longer.

Bernanke’s Reply to China

The finger-pointing about the global economy continues.

The Price of Tea in China

Food prices are rising in China. For us higher food prices mean we get fat a little more slowly; for a poor Chinese family it means starvation stalks a little closer.

Why the Yuan Won’t Become a Reserve Currency

It’s unlikely that the Chinese yuan will replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency any time soon.

Chinese Dissident Dedicates Nobel Peace Prize To Tianamen Square Victims

Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo has dedicated his Nobel Peace Prize to the victims of the June 1989 massacre in Tianamen Square. Proving again that the events of that day still live on in the memory of many Chinese people.

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To Jailed Chinese Dissident

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo has won the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. He probably doesn’t know it, though, because he’s currently sitting in a Chinese prison.

Chinese Currency Manipulation

There isn’t much doubt that China is manipulating its currency for competitive advantage. What can be done about it?

China in the News

Four news items and articles about China that have caught my eye.

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