Another Supreme Court Vacancy This Summer?

The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is hinting at a new Supreme Court vacancy this summer.

Supreme Court Further Guts The Fourth Amendment

Yesterday the Supreme Court greatly expanded the circumstances under which police can rely on anonymous tips.

The Triumph Of Clarence Thomas

A new look at Clarence Thomas’s 20 years on the Supreme Court, from a critic, is surprisingly positive.

Justice Thomas To Hit Five-Year Anniversary Of Silence On Bench

Later this week, Clarence Thomas will have gone five years without asking a question during oral argument at the Supreme Court. Is that really a big deal?

House Democrats Call On Justice Thomas To Recuse Himself From Heathcare Litigation

House Democrats are calling on Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from any litigation regarding the Affordable Care Act. It’s a phony argument, but that’s because it has everything to do with politics and nothing to do with legal ethics.

Virginia Thomas Now Lobbying Members Of Congress, So What?

Virginia Thomas’s political activism is once again a political issue.