July Jobs Report Better Than Expected, But Still Not Very Good

There is little to cheer in the jobs report released by the Labor Department today.

A New Normal For Debt Ceiling Increases?

Has a precedent been set for future requests by the President to increase the debt ceiling?

Economic Horror Show

And even more bad news.

Bill Clinton: International Agency Should Police Internet Rumors

Bill Clinton thinks some sort of government agency should do somethingorother about rumors on the Internet.

The Next Ugly Shoe Trend

You know those creepy running shoes that look like fluorescent feet? They’re going mainstream.

Bush: OBL Raid ‘Good Call’

If former President George W. Bush has any bitterness that Osama bin Laden was finally killed under his successor, he’s not showing it.

Romney: The President Was Born in the United States

Mitt Romney forcefully said Tuesday night that he believes President Barack Obama was born in America and that “the citizenship test has been passed.”

Obama Overexposed?

Meet Joe the Plumber

Beltway Traffic Jam