Running Out Of Angry White Guys

Lindsey Graham: “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

A Pacific Time Convention in an Eastern Time Election

I question the timing of the Republican Convention.

Political Conventions In The Era Of The National Security State

Security at the Republican Convention in Tampa looks more like a war zone than a political convention in a democratic republic.

What The Heck Is Wrong With The Republican Party?

As its convention begins, one has to wonder what has happened to the Republican Party.

All 9 Wounded at Empire State Building Shot By Police

New York’s police commissioner admits that his officers recklessly wounded 9 innocent bystanders at the Empire State Building yesterday.

Todd Akin Controversy Exposes Rift Inside The GOP

The fallout from Todd Akin’s rape comments on Sunday has exposed a rift in the Republican Party.

Obama’s Solar Panel Tariffs Threaten To Destroy An American Business

Bill Keith built a successful business making solar-powered ceiling fans. The President’s trade policies are in the process of destroying it.

The GOP Platform’s Abortion Plank Could’ve Been Written By Todd Akin

The GOP Platform will include an abortion plank that Todd Akin would love.

Journalists Married to Politicos

When and how often must they disclose their relationship? And can we take them seriously at all?

Todd Akin Says He’ll Stay In Race, While Republicans Continue To Abandon Him

Todd Akin says he’s staying in the race, but his party is abandoning him.

Obama, the Bin Laden Raid, and Secrecy

Charges that the Obama administration leaked classified information about the Osama bin Laden raid for political gain are bunk.

White House Press Corps Bristles As Obama Limits Access

It’s been two months since the President has taken questions from the reporters who cover him.

Rachel Maddow sad face Rachel Maddow sad face

MSNBC Abandoning Its Non-Existent Neutrality Pose

Forbes media critic Jeff Bercovici is a bit late spotting a trend.

From the “Dumb Things Political Consultants Say” File (Birther and Tax Returns Edition)

GOP stratgist Alex Castellanos issues a challenge.

‘Democrat’ Artur Davis Speaking at Republican Convention

A black ‘Democrat’ who seconded Obama’s nomination in 2008 is endorsing Romney in 2012. It’s not a big deal.

SEALs Attack Obama For Politicizing Osama Raid, Leaking Intel

A group of former special operations and intelligence officers are criticizing President Obama for “Dishonorable Disclosures.”

Texas A&M Shooter Apprehended

Another day, another mass shooting in America. Details are sketchy.

Arkansas Police Claim Handcuffed Man Shot Himself In The Head

A very suspicious “suicide” in police custody.

Mitt Romney To Announce Vice-Presidential Pick Saturday In Virginia, Signs Point To Paul Ryan

Is the the 2012 Republican Presidential ticket? We’ll find out Saturday morning.

Fareed Zakaria Reads (And Copies From) The New Yorker So You Don’t Have To

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria looks to be caught in a bit of a plagiarism scandal.

Romney Falling Behind In New National Polls

The most recent round of national polling seems to show that the negative attacks on Romney are having an impact.

No Charges Against Goldman Sachs

After two-and-a-half years and who knows how many taxpayer dollars spent trying to prove criminal wrongdoing, the SEC fell short.

Obama Campaign Tries To Distance Itself From “Mitt Killed A Lady” Ad, Lies In The Process

The Obama campaign told a few fibs in its effort to distance itself from a controversial Priorities USA ad.

Priorities USA: Mitt Romney Killed A Lady

A Pro-Obama SuperPAC is out with what may be the most despicable ad so far this election cycle.

Ohio Military Voting, Media Framing, and Political Campaigns

Breaking: The American press often does a lousy job.

Harry Reid, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, And The Death Of Journalistic Integrity

Publishing unsubstantiated rumor is not journalism.

NBC’s 20th Century Olympics Coverage In A 21st Century World

NBC’s Olympic coverage doesn’t necessarily recognize the realities of social networking and the 24 hour news cycle.

BREAKING: Olympics Opened Hours Ago

Why the hell is CNN—which purports to be a news organization—pretending that NBC is live casting the Olympics?

Boy, ABC News Really Messed Up Its Coverage Of The Colorado Shootings

Because of a culture where being first is more important than being right, ABC News made a few mistakes in its Friday morning coverage of the Colorado shootings.

Politics and Political Science

It would be nice if people who make authoritative decisions had some idea what they are talking about.

Romney Ad Uses Obama “I’m So In Love With You” Performance

Two liberal columnists say a recent Mitt Romney ad proves he’s out of touch—and implies that he’s running a racist stealth campaign.

On Politicizing Tragedy

Once again, the usual suspects are exploiting tragedy for political purposes.

12 Dead, At Least 50 Wounded In Mass Shooting At Colorado Movie Theater

Terror erupted in a Colorado movie theater early this morning.