2010 Census: Republicans Win

Red States should gain 10 seats while Blue States should lose eight.

DADT Repealed

The Congress has passed a repeal of DADT.

Ranking the 2012 Contenders: Communications Skills

Are Marco Rubio, Haley Barbour, and Mike Huckabee the favorites to win the White House?

Democrats Cancel DREAM Vote

Senate Democrats cancel vote on DREAM Act, meaning the immigration measure is likely dead for the year.

Democrats and the Wealthy Rich

Don Surber imagines this edition of “Hardball.”

Julian Assange Arrested in London

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested Tuesday in London on a Swedish warrant.

‘Cyber Monday’ a Myth

“Cyber Monday” is a myth created by a marketing company.

Treasury Check Treasury Check

Obama to Freeze Federal Wages 2 Years

President Obama proposes freezing federal civilian salaries for the next two years, saving billions in anticipated spending.

McCain and North Korea

McCain brings up “regime change” in re: the DKRP and China apparently isn’t doing enough.

The Real Deficit-Reduction Math

There is a simple mathematical equation that explains why deficit reduction is so difficult.

TSA Body Image Scanners: Cui Bono

Is the TSA groping passengers to force them into using intrusive scanners for which they’ve committed $173 million?

Bush Tax Cuts On The Table In December, Public Backs Democratic Position

Congress will vote on extending the Bush Tax Cuts in December, and new polling shows that the public agrees with Democrats that the cuts should be limited to the “middle class.”

Congressional Black Caucus Withholding Support From Pelosi

Lack of support from a key constituency may pose a threat to Nancy Pellosi’s effort to stay on as leader of Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Rangel Guilty of 11 Ethics Violations

Charlie Rangel has been found guilty of 11 violations of House ethics rules.

Heath Shuler To Democrats: It’s Time To Change Quarterbacks

Former Washington Redskins Quarterback, and current Congressman, Heath Shuler has launched a quixotic campaign against Nancy Pelosi for House Minority Leader.

Partisanship, Segmentation and the Mass Media

Is the current media environment a problem for proper political discourse?

Backlash at TSA Security Finally Happening?

It appears that full body scanners, operated by leering yahoos under the cover of government authority, may finally be rousing the sheep who have meekly submitted to the absurd delays and indignities that have been piled on since 9/11 and sundry botched attempts.

Murkowski and DeMint: Bygones

Lisa Murkowski is still miffed that Jim DeMint backed Republican Joe Miller against her in the general election.

DNA Test Suggests Texas May Have Executed An Innocent Man

A ten year old case out of Texas raises yet more doubts about the justice of the death penalty.

Some House Democrats Want to Delay Leadership Vote

There’s a move afoot to postpone the election of the House Democratic leadership. Why should people who were defeated in the recent elections have a say? And, surely, those just elected should have a vote.

Bachmann v. Hensarling A Microcosm Of Internal GOP Battles

The race between Jeb Hensarling and Michelle Bachmann for Chair of the House GOP Conference is a microcosm for a battle that is likely to take place within the GOP for the next two years.

Money Can’t Buy Elections After All

During the just concluded election season, eleven self-funded candidates spent a total of $ 286 million trying to win elections. Only two of them actually won.

Nancy Pelosi Staying as Minority Leader

Nancy Pelosi is strongly considering staying in Congress as Minority Leader. It’s her job if she wants it.

Obama’s India Trip Costing $ 200 Million A Day? Don’t Believe It

The latest story being repeated by the conservative talking heads is the claim that President Obama will be spending $ 200 million per day on his upcoming overseas trip. The problem is that it’s not true.

Romney, Huckabee, Palin Lead GOP Field For 2012

Despite votes in the 2010 contest still being counted, polls for 2012 are already pouring out. They’re largely meaningless.

Republicans Sweep Virginia?

In my home state of Virginia, which has two Democratic Senators and went for Barack Obama in 2008, Republicans are poised to take four House districts held by Democrats in the last Congress.