Romney Campaign Adopts Risky “Take Off The Gloves” Strategy

The Romney campaign has apparently decided to be more aggressive in its attacks on the President, which poses serious risks for the campaign.

The War On (Some) Drugs Has Killed More Mexicans Than Fast & Furious

America’s Drug War has caused more problems for Mexico than Fast & Furious ever will.

N.Y. Governor Cuomo Proposes Marijuana Decriminalization

New York’s Governor is proposing a change in the law that could spare thousands of people a year from an unnecessary trip through the legal system.

A Crack in the Logic of the Drug War Coalition?

Well, maybe a tiny one.

Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Whitney Houston, once one of the biggest stars in American popular culture, has died.

Supreme Court Rules That GPS Tracking Is A Search, But That’s About All

The Supreme Court issued a somewhat muddled ruling on GPS tracking today.

Blast from the Past: Newt and Drug War Logic

Back in the late 90s, Newt wanted to execute marjiuana traffickers.

If They Would Just Build a Fence

After all, securing the border is easy and the forces driving cross-border illicit activities can be curtailed with enough force and security.

Florida’s ‘Drug Tests For Welfare Recipients’ Law Is, Most Likely, Unconstitutional

Florida’s new law requiring welfare recipients to pass drug tests seems to clearly violate the Fourth Amendment.

Federal Appeals Court Rejects 4th Amendment Challenge To TSA “Nude” Image Scanners

A Federal Appeals Court says the full body image scanners showing up in airports are Constitutional.

The Ebb and Flow of Coca Cultivation

Coca cultivation is down in Colombia! But guess what is true about Peru?

Sarah Palin Trademarks Her Name

As of June 17, Sarah Palin is a registered US trademark, serial number 85-170,226.

Jeff Conaway Dead at 60, Drug Overdose

Actor Jeff Conaway, best known for his role of Bobby Wheeler on “Taxi,” is dead after a drug overdose.

Ron Paul’s Election Problem: The Issues he Supports

No, Ron Paul is not a viable candidate for president.

Tucson, Political Rhetoric, And Where We Go From Here

There is a problem with political rhetoric in this country, but telling people to be nicer to each other isn’t going to cool it down.

Alcohol More Lethal Than Heroin and Cocaine!

Perhaps the dumbest study ever published in the Lancet compares the negative effects of alcohol and illicit drugs without controlling for incidence.

Feds Will Not Honor California Voter’s Decision On Marijuana Legalization

California voters are two weeks away from possibly legalizing marijuana, but the Federal Government doesn’t care.

Change in Sentencing: Crack v. Powder Cocaine

Congress has (after many years of debate) narrowed the gap between sentencing for crack cocaine and powder cocaine.

WDR 2010

The UNODC has released the latest World Drug Report. Shockingly, there are a lot of drugs out there and a lot of money to made trafficking in them.

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