Tucker Carlson’s Depressing Realization

The fired propagandist has had an epiphany about bullshit.

Bob Woodward Heckled for Doing His Job

The norms of social discourse are rapidly changing in the #MeToo era.

The Fine Line Between Protest and Riot

Hillary Clinton’s two biggest challengers were ambushed at a progressive political convention over the weekend.

Code Pink Scum interrupt Henry Kissinger Code Pink Scum interrupt Henry Kissinger

John McCain Calls Hearing Protesters ‘Low-Life Scum’

John McCain is not a fan of Code Pink.

Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy Ideas Present An Opportunity For the GOP

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul continues to challenge Republican orthodoxy on foreign policy, and that’s a good thing.

Report: U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11

A new report confirms that the United States did engage in torture in the wake of the September 11th attacks.

Why Rand Paul’s Filibuster Mattered

Rand Paul’s filibuster is one that all American’s should thank him for that.

The N.R.A.’s Bizarre Response To The Sandy Hook Shootings

The NRA’s response to the Sandy Hook shootings was bizarre to say the least.

Occupy Wall Street Outside The Mainstream?

Does “Occupy Wall Street” really represent the people they claim to be speaking for?

Why Does Anyone Take Glenn Beck Seriously?

Some conservatives are finally waking up and realizing what people like Glenn Beck are doing to the movement. It’s probably too late, though.

Why Were Republicans Silent During The Bush Years?

Republicans were largely silent during the Bush Administration as spending went out of control. Will they do that again?

I Fear the Government (When the Other Party Runs Things)

Republicans greatly fear the government — when Democrats are in power. And vice versa.

Comparative Fringes