The Nationalization of American Politics

Local issues barely matter in Congressional races anymore.

Price Differentiation and Class Consciousness

Apparently, more expensive versions of products are often better.

Alabama Hyundai Plant Used Child Labor

Shocking but perhaps unsurprising news.

White House Rudderless, Aimless, and Hopeless?

Some Democrats are less than pleased.

Coffee Makes You Live Longer

Yet another study that confirms my pre-existing biases.

Vegan Upcharge!

PETA has launched a weird protest against Starbucks.

Has Trump Finally Gone Too Far?

Republicans are aghast that he’s abandoned his principles.

Obligatory Daylight Saving Time Whinging

It’s that, er, time again.

Getting Back to ‘Normal’

With masks off, political leaders are urging people to get out there and spend money.

Manchin Shoots BBB Dead, Dead, Dead

The West Virginia Senator has taken the football from Charlie Brown and gone home.

COVID and Reasonable Risk

A lot of America is simply over the pandemic, even if it isn’t over us.

Atlanta Braves Win World Series

The city’s second major championship was among the most improbable.

9/11 at 20

Two decades after a day we’ll not forget.

Willard Scott, 1934-2021

America’s weatherman is gone. Sadly, he did not make it to 100.

Ohio, Trump, and the Primaries

Thinking about party evolution and behavior going into 2022.

Coffee is (Mostly) Healthy Again

The indicators are pointing in the direction of caffeine being good for most people.

Report from the AZ Audit Front

It’s at least as bad as you thought it was.

G. Gordon Liddy, 1930-2021

The Watergate conspirator, author, and talk show host was 90.

Elite Private Schools, Race, and Fear of the Woke

Also some ironic positions on capitalism.

More Magical Thinking on Covid from the Trump Camp

The Chief of Staff wants to play pretend.

Truly Disturbing

Statements by an HHS official underscore the rot of this administration.

Working Longer During the Pandemic

Contrary to some expectations, Americans are logging three extra hours of work a day.

smartphone coffee smartphone coffee

When Unemployment Pays More Than Your Job

Unintended consequences of a necessary policy.

Amazon and COVID-19

American’s online sales leader is straining under the social distancing regime.

The Inequality of Coronavirus

Social distancing is a lot easier when you’re affluent.

American Gerontocracy

Is being ruled by the elderly a bad thing?

Supreme Court Hears Gun Rights Case But Likely Won’t Rule On Merits

For the first time in nearly a decade, the Supreme Court heard a significant Second Amendment case, but it is unlikely to rule on the merits of the case.

Late-Entering Presidential Candidates Rarely Win

History shows us that candidates who enter the race for President late rarely do well, and rarely manage to win.

An Observation on the Mueller Testimony

On documents and the degree to which they speak for themselves.

Threatened Immigration Raids Haven’t Happened

Another case where the cruelty is the point?

thinker statue facepalm thinker statue facepalm

Forays into Hackery (Tucker and Derschowitz)

Wherein I explore the notion that ignorance is bliss.

Bernie Sanders the Millionaire

There are many things to dislike about the Democratic socialist from Vermont. Hypocrisy isn’t among them.

Sexist Coverage of Beto O’Rourke?

Would a similarly-situated woman be getting such over-the-top coverage?

John Hickenlooper, Former Colorado Governor, Enters Presidential Race

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is the latest entrant into an already crowded Democratic field.

Ralph Northam’s Forgivable Sin

Virgnia’s governor has to resign. But not because of some 35-year-old photos.

Starbucks Founder Howard Schultz Considering Independent Run For President

Starbucks Founder Howard Schultz is considering an independent run for the Presidency. This would likely be good news for President Trump.

Carlos Sanchez, Who Portrayed Coffee Icon Juan Valdez, Dies At 83

Carlos Sanchez, who portrayed Juan Valdez the unofficial ambassador of Colombian coffee for some 30 years, has died at the age of 83.

Don’t Be Shocked, But Cory Booker Is Thinking Of Running For President

Cory Booker’s interest in running for President has been an open secret for some time, now he’s being far less coy about it.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Married

The morning show co-hosts tied the knot at a secret ceremony at the National Archives.

Starbucks Founder Howard Schultz Considering Presidential Run

Starbucks Founder Howard Schultz is apparently considering running for President.

Michael Avenatti For President?

Surely a celebrity hound with no political experience can’t become President. Right?

What is Labor, Anyway?

Entertainers work for a living, too.

Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr., Early Trump Backer, Indicted

California Republican Duncan Hunter Jr, who was an early backer of President Trump’s campaign, has been indicted on charges he used massive amounts of campaign funds to pay for personal expenses.

Science Fiction Great Harlan Ellison Dies At 84

Harlan Ellison, who had a reputation for being as cantankerous as he was a great writer, has died at the age of 84.

Jonathan Franzen is Not Fine with It

The White Male Great American Literary Novelist for the 21st Century is not a fan of modern realities.

This Moment in Time

The Trump administration’s approach to immigrant children is a serious test of our national morality.

The Racist New York Lawyer And Internet Vigilantism: How Far Is Too Far?

New York attorney Aaron Schlossberg found himself on the receiving end of an Internet firestorm this week. His case raises some interesting questions about Internet vigilantism.

Tom Wolfe Dead at 88

The inventor of New Journalism has died of unknown causes.

OTB Goes Secure

Overnight, we moved to content encryption. Here’s what that means for you.